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Fair enough. I thought that's who it might be, but seeing as the day after he needed somewhere else to stay and it was because of personal problems, I thought he confessed and it didn't work out. Then again I think he was homeless or something?

Who do you think Lars was talking about during Mike's route? About how to deal with feelings towards another?

I'm watching the playthrough on Youtube, and I'm reminded how much I miss Arthur 馃槶.


To be fair, we are not in a scenario where someone just got assassinated and had the gall to get their blood all over us. It's not a situation many people will be thinking logically in. The more concerning thing is that the king was killed with little to no sound coming from the chamber, as the guards weren't roused to action. This could mean a multitude of things, but I would be willing to wager the killer was someone he knew. 


I wish to boop dragon boi on the nose.

He mentioned something about wits at the end, maybe he saw that scrawled on a paper?

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Love the new update, noticed a typo. Keep up the good work! 


I've also been told that I can be a bit intimidating.

Simpler form:

I've been told that I can be intimidating.

One word: Neckwace

What route do you think Andy was talking about at the end?

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Logan do be looking sharp. It's a shame that I must end him 馃様. In all seriousness though, I know there are two slots left for the main characters and I hope he's one of them, because he seems like an interesting fellow.

Lol. I still need to do his route, seems like a good lad.

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I don't know if there's a place to give grammatical feedback, so here it goes. I only noticed this because most of the writing is well designed, and the proofreaders do a great job.

I think it's supposed to be: "Too bad I still barely have any idea on how to control any of the characters."

An even easier way to do this would be:

"Too bad I barely know how to control any of the characters." 

Since the sentence above already sufficiently establishes the precedent set in the original sentence. Sorry if I'm coming off as snobbish, as that is not my intention. I'm enjoying the game a lot so far! Keep up the good work!

Bjorn really had to interrupt a good dream, huh?

Thanks for letting me know.

I kind of mean like Bernard.

Does Logan have a relationship route yet? 

How do though?

what did you do to fix it?

his WTL.

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I just realized that the officer that comes to file the report in Harold's route is the same one that gets with Harold when you're on Spencer's route. I really appreciate that they both get with people, since I kind of feel bad knowing the burdens they carry (especially Grifter) if they are alone. It also makes the world more dynamic, after all life goes on with or without you.

Tell us your secrets!

To cheap ramen noodles!

Any word on that new job opportunity?

=D Very true, I shouldn't give them what they want. 

Burrows was a titillating experience. A complete rollercoaster of emotions all the way through. The reveal at the end made some strange interactions between the two make more sense, and was a fantastic use of dramatic irony. I'm looking forward to more, you've caught my attention. Take my money and grace my eyes with untold treasures. 

I just meant on the ratings of comments saying good things about the game

I can't help but agree.

The future is now 馃榿

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Where is all this hate bombing coming from? Did you burn down that local firm or something?

I鈥檓 playing this just for the middle girth pun. Ha. Keep it up!

Hey no problem yo, I hope things get better for you in uni. I'm headed there soon *shivers*.

Just curious, wasn't he not wounded at all? Isn't that why they needed to give him a wound to trick people into thinking he was injured? Then again I think you're right about the healing factor part, all in all, you got a solid theory.

I thought Tryst talking in wolven was a big no no?

Excited to dive in again! I sure do love me a hunt.

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And that totally makes sense. I like how you did that, losing so many people at once, it makes sense that most people would be in a shell-shocked kind of state.  A sentiment shared by a few of them is that it still doesn't seem real, like they could wake up and it was all just a dream. I'm super excited to learn more about the crew (and Cooper's ducks)! Good thing no inciting incident will make them think any less of us :D ! I don't know who the shark boy is, but apparently he is a celebrity of sorts, so that will be interesting! 

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heehe I got the bruh start. I freaking LOVE your art, and musical touches. You can taste the passion that went into this, and I can't wait for more! P.S. Don is a bad boi Uwu. Why was there a question asking Cooper to show us his duck? >_< I didn't know he liked ducks. 

Will do.

Bruh, this guy has been doing this everywhere, get out of here.