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I can't believe I never noticed this , lol. I think you meant to put the text as this? : Even for someone who doesn't seem to be naturally very athletic, he managed to build himself up to a point where he doesn't have even a little bit of excess fat anywhere.  The way it is put currently, says muscle, but that doesn't really make sense as that would imply that he isn't fit, someone who isn't naturally fit, but manages to work hard on their body -eating right, ect-  would shed a lot of excess fat.

Is the maze broken? I can't seem to get past the phasers beams despite going to the book on the 3rd level

How do you defeat the werewolf by oral?

What's new?

There's irony to be had that the Cheif is almost certainly good "drinking buddies" with Vithyr 

That's actually really interesting!


Thanks! :3

Can you actually find your way back to the main hall? I wrote the directions that were given down and reversed them, but still seemed to be lost at the end, I'm just a curious boi. 

That makes sense, I was curious why Big Brain wasn't an option, is that not currently being calculated (intelligence)? Either way it's a cool system!

Does picking Strong, Fast or Tough at the beginning currently do anything or is it just aesthetics?

Wow "I should have you pitch a tent for me more often" you scallywag, Silas is too much :3

Dave best boi :D

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the bois!

later in the books they die in a train crash and are taken to the holy land meh dude

Noooo, more things to add to my more thouroughly done review, oh nóoó, whatever shall I do, the gods truly curse me with such divine blessing from our punyful lord.

Who in God's green earth is Cody, that is the true mystery dun dun dunnnnn

It's funny that Narnia was mentioned, because just like in the books the protagonists died and are transported to a new world, I see u ^~^

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Huh...awkward....Good thing we'll never see Jonathon again, hahahaha...

This echos my thoughts exactly, nice work :)

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*Spoiler for a bomb code*

OMG, if you enter 6969, Alon will tell you "good job"

Max is too cute, should be illegal

Just started playing and I've already witnessed a musical (bomb?) And a gun-cane (it's just a gun lol) I am so ready for the cuteness and horror lol!

Probably bad seeing as my highschool a teacher got fired for harassing female students.

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Look away for a minute and you guys are blazing through developments! Eburon is looking fineeee, can we give the dog a bone?

How do you unlock that command?

I'm guessing after he gets the cloak, xer's adventure path is still in progress right?

The game is great, and has many pleasing visuals, the only deterrent from me supporting on Patreon or buying it on steam, is that there's no guide to the game, unlike many others you will find on itchio 

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*Possible Spoilers?/ Thoughts/Punny Disaster* 

Am I the only one who thinks the prince may have killed his parents? It would be a bit of an interesting twist, if it was the case, but whatever it may be, I'm interested in what's to come! I want to like the prince because the starting message was so emotional, but uhhhhh, he ain't passing dah vibe check rn with the current knowledge at our disposal I look forward to future developments, I love the touches of DND, the interesting, dynamic, and thought out characters, and I can't wait to watch for our little adventurers to grow and eat Marrow from the Bone, you gotta Break... errr... uhh what was I saying?... oh right, them open to get the good stuff! 

As always, Shirokoi delivers, and what he delivered is beautiful, even if it is his creative stress baby, it is beautiful nevertheless, and you must all love it or prepear to  p e a r i s h !

Also whatttt I'm not gayyy * queue nervous sweats and off - key laughing* :3

P.S.  Possible Glamour Bard Hype???

P.P.S Will update with more consise review of game laters 

P.P.P.S Take care of yourself okay? :3

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Is any of Xeroth's quest content available yet? I know if you have enough of a slutty reputation the way he treats you changes but that currently doesn't do anything I think..


I hate to ask put can you post an image? I can't seem to find his location still

I can't find the missing 'bold is he not in the village?

I just recall that getting to just 20 had a text change, but nevertheless I’ll be happy to see one

definitely worth becoming a patron, this project brings me joy!

which one?

I love the new update! I do quite miss the stats text changing as you passed a new threshold, I hope that comes back. I'm super interested in what the headmaster was going to say about Killigan, tis a shame she was interrupted, but I'm sure it'll come back up later

Only Brawn is currently useful in game right?