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Thanks for the explanation. Not sure I want to kill the spy though because of his daughter waiting for him.

How is it possible? According to the guide for suspicion points it is not possible to get the neutral route, Thane, and Axel to like you enough to try the dish. What choices did you make during the war?

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How do i unlock vandeel and Kubas?

I got vandeel but I think there is a bug with him. I got the first intro with him yelling after the scene where he asks me if there is anything between Vince and me.

How do i get the third scene? I did not go thru the firewall but no scene triggers. Also what is the second and third scene?

Somehow i was able to get it. What i did the first time is I skipped straight to the Halloween event. The second time i did some days in the planner before going to the Halloween event. Not sure if that made a difference. Also not sure how old the save was. The save point i used was when wolfstar is getting the calls from his friends. The save point could be months if not a year or more old.

I get the same end no matter if i answer i love him or not. I say of course i love him and he thinks i said no. Is that wrong?

The upper right i am not sure. The middle right you get on the scientist route and the bottom right the bears route.

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Got it ty.

Can someone tell me how to unlock the picture in the lower left corner 

I am struggling with the one on the top right but the other two you get on the dragons route.

I worded that wrong. I meant was it the only image you needed to be on sfw mode to unlock because i got every other image on nsfw mode.

Ty. I did not think of that. Is that the only SFW image at the moment?

Can anyone tell me how to get the first picture of Runes shower cg? I got the second one but am having a hard time trying too get the first one..

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I just found this VN and I like it but it seems all over the place to me with the storyline. I like the comedy and the character interactions but some of the stuff seems random. The dad seemed interested in the tiger but then he had a secret boyfriend apparently. Also the dragon was added but only for the one interaction. Was his character just for a random everyday life occurrence thing? Also the wolf can turn feral, is getting superpowers and is now on a basketball team?  I did like how he used his powers for his own gain, although I would discourage cheating and stealing in real life 😏. The characters are unique and awesome and I can't wait to see where this goes. Also want to see more family bonding, both kinds ☺️. In all seriousness they are a cool and slightly dysfunctional family and have a different and original drama compared to other VNs and I am invested in this VN.

ok thanks again

oh ok thank you. Didn't know it saves everything. One last question though. What is the minotaur icon next to the artifacts and how do i unlock it?

You don't understand . I am able to get some tablets from exploration but i do not get a new tablet every time sometimes i get an another artifact or memento instead of a tablet. I reach day 18 and i am always missing several tablets. Am i doing something wrong? I always have people with memento points in my exploration team. Do i need a certain character or something? Also what do you mean save scum?

I find it hard to get all the tablets. I get other mementos or artifacts instead of tablets

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I think i hit a bug. It my second day in the caf and its says i got the order wrong but i know it is pan fried fish with pomme puree is it because puree is not on the options? Also how do i get image 8 of 9 for the dragon and the image next to the vines?

Thanks but do i need all 16 for the achievement? I can get most of the tablets but not all

I am having a hard time getting all the tablets. Can someone give me a hint on how to get them all for the achievement.

What is the skill needed for Bobby and Pyrrhus and how do i get them?

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How do I get the blue fruit? I can buy the seed but how do i get the fruit to give it to the office guy? Nvm found a post explaining it. I am missing the 2nd poster though. How do i get it

How do I get Dyllan to suck me and top me? I unlocked the top and bottom variants for the other two but for the life of me I can not get the other variant for Dylan.

ok thank you.

The description on how to get the achievement was to accomplish both tasks by the end of ch 12 without cheating

Can someone tell me have to achieve both things on ch 12 i got the wine and the internet running. Do i have to do a completely new playthrough to get the achievement and not load an earlier save?

Can anyone tell me how to get the facial, close call, spicy dream, and use those tails goals. I have tried many combinations but am not sure how to unlock them.

Thank you. I did not know i had to go back to the arena the next day.

I did all that but did not get the better attire. Can you do a step by step.

ok Thank you.

Can the movement buttons in dungeons be changed so we can take screenshots using the s button again?

Thank you. Also I know. I update every other month or two months so I have more content to play.

How do i get the memory picture thats after oswin surprise injecting you? Also the two trauma pictures after Sal kills dean and roswell? I am on version .28

Thanks. I guess i just need to keep choosing different choices until i get it right.

How can I hug Sal without him pushing me away? Also how can I get Hoss to kiss me on the lab stairs?

Thanks it worked

i have windows. I think i might know the problem. I can only use rar zip not regular rar