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Take as much time as you need <3

Ok quest is misleading he left somewhere else

Orveia community · Created a new topic Where is Hanok?
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I need to return to Hanok he left after mc met his bro Bruno and I have no idea where he is. Quest says he left to check the wolves in the cave but I checked the cave for 2 days straight and havent met him there yet. I want to give him moon charm. 

Why is it not repetitive? It would make sense imo

Orsu Daddy is pretty hot

Mc is not mage he's just a human

Is Orsu Pyrrhus's father? Haha

What is the key for and it seems impossible to get it

Harold doesnt have a line if I have the same Birthday as him? Haha

Probably your end because he was ok on mine

Second Track gives an exception for some reason. Harold day 15


Could they just said to mc to repeat everything they say to understand the translation for ai? Seems logical to me

Axel is so caring and cute. You guys did a good job

Thank you so much for the update. New cute husbando too!

Poor Kitty ♥

No, there was a warning so you gotta go with it lmao. You can make a new save if you dont want to continue

you mean the stall scene?

How to get polyamorous bonus with chester and dozer?

yeah thats silly and hot

Its a cool vn

Discord link doesnt work anymore

Morris is so cute omg. I cant

Sad what happened

Save button at the bottom

We cant date Logan? 😥😓😢😭

Gabriel is the best boi

YAS! Gabe is such a muffin

5/5 VN

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yes i got it

Is it possible to get max love meter?

Happy 4th Anniversary! 😘

Do i have to defeat all enemies if i want to get all upgrades?

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portals in Construction site are so confusing xd. 

Where is Sai's bed? Is he a vampire? :p

particularly the duel. the opponent wins 9/10 times. is this intentional?

Strip Lucky is probably the worst part of this game is there any guide? Its so confusing

I hoped we get some threesome scene with the waterfall couple but its fine

Its interesting that Caleb talks about a threesome with Bernand on a picnic when i did not yet do it at all

(2) what park? i dont see any