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no problem I’m not really mad about the situation cause I was able to play the game in the end plus I’m not gonna give you a hard time for a mistake like that everyone makes mistakes but your working hard on this game and I can tell cause I’ve been following it since it came out so you’ll always get munchies support I thoughht this update was really good and I cant wait to see more 😊

I just decided to play it on my computer last night it worked so I was happy it was a nice update so nice job on the update  but the android build may need to be fixed or something 

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hey fox I tried all all of the options you gave me but It didn’t work  also I downloaded the demo version 5 and that worked it’s just the current version that’s not working 

im actually having the same problem when I go into the title screen it takes a few seconds the sends me right back to my home screen and I have a android as well my model is the Alcatel one touch 

hey dyne I've been meaning to ask this question for sooooo long is spencers route finally over or is there going to be more to his route because I'm in love with his route