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I've just done a Logan playthrough and I was still able to get 3 hearts with Bernard (despite curing Logan first etc). So should be possible. If I remember correctly .. First heart is meeting him at the cottage on Friday and sleeping in same bed (needs high like). Second is going to bathhouse with him, sitting near him, then looking at him so you both kiss (I think anyway) and third I'm not sure but it might the fair or when you stay overnight at his house and you two get it on. I've completed the full moon quest while focusing Logan so should be doable.

Hey found the solution, I basically missed it completely because I was a bit coy about saying I like roushk on my main play but did admit to it, so now have to have another playthrough for roushk -_-.

The event happens immediately fter the celebration but it only activated when I outright said I like him with no 'trick question' option. Don't think it should be like that personally, but what can you do. Anyway hope this helps for your olaythrough.

I'm pretty sure that's it for now, as of the 0.31 update. The update logs are very specific on what they add.

hey thanks for the reply.

Great tip on the xeroth thing, literally didnt know about that. But yeah I've done the sessions, othras even talked to me about it, made it clear I like roushk. Still nothing. I remember in my previous olaythrough there was a nice scene near the celebration (I think) but been past that and nothing happened. do you remember how you got a heart? 

Does anyone know how to get the first heart with Roushk? completed lizards treasure event and everything and had the celebration.

Also I hope there's a way to increase b**** score in the ruins, I now seem to be too heroic to get the hot scenes in the waterfall :(.

Putting 130+ hours into the game and restarting is  annoying NGL but I understand why you wanted to revamp things. it's a great game and hope you carry on improving it and adding even more amazing/hot content. 

Unfortunately for Android, I've uninstalled and installed 0.30 new, and the preferences menu is completely blank so can't use the 'cheats' to quickly get my progress back :(.

Too bad we have to restart but this is an amazingly hot game, and just happy something like this exists, keep up the good work :) 

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Hey just wanted to say this game is amazing, super hot guys, scenes, fun mechanics, love it. Can't wait for the rest to be translated. If I knew Japanese I'd help with the translation haha, hope it doesn't take too long. Keep up the good work :). 

Ah found it. Thanks :). It's very well hidden lol. 

Where is the emerine golem? Rexplored mulberry but can't find him.

I obviously tried that, it ends up crashing for me.

Hey, yep been howling with him. Haven't been able to take him for a walk though. Have talked to him during the fair. Haven't caught rose talking to him yet. May just be bad luck on my part but I feel like there's a major event I might've forgotten. 

And yeah I don't think hearts are incorporated yet, just wanna see the scenes with him. especially for the recent update. 

Does anyone know how to get a heart with Caleb, or more approval. I'm stuck at 24 and can't unlock any scenes with him. 

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No. 22 is the favourite underwear in mine, doubt it's different for you. 21 is on the quest when you trick the librarian with horace, it is horaces thong. 21 you buy from the bandit. 

The android build seems to have an issue with koshiro chapter 8, starting with the loading of the  jpg of koshiros old home.  Doesn't seem to work after that, pressing ignore or rollback doesn't bypass it. 

21 is just a by product of horaces quests to max affinity. 22 is horaces favourite underwear which is once you reach max affinity.

And with 22 you don't have to buy back from the bandit if I remember correctly 

Ah thanks, completely forgot to buy it off that thieving hunky bottom guy lol. 

Does anyone know how to get underwear 21? I feel like I've maxed out all the affinities I can as of 5.0

Also was thinking we could use a thread with info about how to get the more obscure underwear out there.

Really enjoyed the game (4.4 android). Played the hell out of it.

In terms of improvements:

The fishing game needs some work, sometimes touches don't register after catching a fish, in general it's a bit too difficult and finnicky to do properly. All the other minigames are playable and good imo. However badass mode for Hanths minigame is a bit too difficult ATM I feel. The rewards for the minigames should be greater if done perfectly etc, right now I just do easy duels to get materials effectively all the time and it's repetitive.

This leads on to the main gripe, the grinding. It's a bit too much, I have kings cockring and buttplug and it took ages. To fix this I'd suggest:

Increasing material rewards from duels, atleast after a certain stage in the game when the player needs to get 200 of said material etc. (And increasing minigames too)

PLEASE include/change an enemy to get rough diamonds through duelling. The Twins minigame just isn't enough, 1 diamond even on badass is far too low considering how much is needed in general (perhaps increase diamond reward from minigame to like 3-5). I would say increase the amount of black ore one gets from dark knights also. (In general, have a healthy mix of enemies who give gold ore, diamonds and black ore in good amounts) otherwise the grind is a bit too much... As much as I love fighting all the hot guys lol. Far too many enemies just give silver or copper and it's unbalanced once you get powerful.

Sidenote: I haven't been able to come across the red twink orc (top) ever again, maybe make him a common enemy in higher level areas. Same with the red daddy orc which I haven't come across at all and I've played this game fully. In general more powerful enemies would be good, more red variants in difficult areas (ideally dropping more gold ore or diamonds)

Hope this helps in some way, I really do love the game and appreciate your work, just think these suggestions would elevate it to a great game. Hoping you can make more like this in the future.

Really appreciate the storytelling and updates. But the android version I think could use some work. 

Atleast for me, I can't keep up with the stories easily. All of my saves never work whenever I update the android version, in fact Im not able to skip any text either (when starting a new game) it's as if the game resets completely. This wasn't too much of an issue with previous updates but update 9 has broken all the saves now (used to be like one or two wouldnt work).

Small tip : If anyone's stuck after finding Gerald 'in plain sight', go to the area where there's a fallen log, there's a Bush there that unlocks the rest of the map. 

Scene 10: As for scene 10, currently there's a bug that means talking to the fence too much stops the future option from appearing. 

I got it by selling anything and everything I got to him, cept the misty moss just in case. Talking to lorzan to unlock more stuff about him. Then talking each option, being careful to stop selecting them as soon as he said he has nothing else to say, or when I knew there'd be no new information. Then talking to him after saving Gerald from the bounty hunter, you unlock scene 10. You don't need to do the Gerald trap scene at all like a previous commentor suggested. 

There seems to be a problem with getting the fence to talk about his future. I've seen many others now encounter this. Despite exactly following guides, getting lorzan to talk about him, selling everything, doing the werewolf scene etc. I'm wondering now if this is a bug. I've done a okaythriugh where I've talked to him every day, done everything correctly any nothings working. On pc btw. 

This is amazing. Finished most of the current Echo routes and I love that you guys are working on this too. Really great characters, atmosphere and storytelling as usual. Just wanted to comment to say thanks and keep it up :). 

Amazing game. Like a Corruption of Champions game but tailored to us and way better graphics. Please keep it up :).

Absolutely amazing storytelling, scary background music and great visuals genuinely unsettling at times. Never been genuinely scared like I have with this game. Played every route available till the end just waiting for more updates. Keep it up :). (And maybe let us not condemn Flynn? And have a happy ending for Leo? Pretty please)