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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Times Sticky

A topic by zatico created Jan 17, 2020 Views: 31,826 Replies: 667
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Yep. here's the clip:

my times (no records at all), but at least i can say  that i was the first one or really close to be the first one to do sandbox0 under 5s with slowmo on (15-20min after release, got rekt 5mins later by 0.03s)

has anyone passed me on escape 3 

Deleted post

Speedrun times. Apologies to the bottom left, as I have put a new motherboard in and Windows has not recognized it.  I believe I have WR on Sandbox 0, but I'm unsure.

nvm someone else got sub 5 seconds on it

I hold the record for sky 0

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Im pretty sure i have the record for tutorial

tutorial wr is under 10 seconds

All Stages And Any% WR's RTA

Sub 2 any% soon

Do you have a macro that does rocket jumps? if not, you do  but are those allowed?

I play with default controls, no macros, default sensitivity, just grinding and practicing. Macros are not allowed

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Those rocket jumps are wayyyyyy too consistent and there is no way you could do it that quickly on default sensitivity without throwing your mouse forward and back and that would be super imprecise and you are looking at the exact same angle every time. 

you can watch me live lmfao, this game is super imprecice and ive been playing nonstop since it came out but i definetly would not use macros or anything (and i often have to readjust my mousepad because im swinging the thing like a madman

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Anybody know better video editing software

I think I have the speedrun time for sandbox 2

Ok so i went through this entire thread and saw that nobody had a time better than mine, this is wr currently, please tell me if you beat my time.

i accidently got 0 seconds on sandbox 1 

Lmao if you can recreate this record it and share it please

it glitched and the time stuck on my screen but i could still move so it kept the time of 0 seconds and i cant get any time better

How did you do that?


I think I have the WR time for Sky 0 at 3:60s.  Gyazo Link to screenshot since I wasn't able to record it


Deleted 2 years ago

holy heck the 5:51 escape 0


We're getting closer boys... When's an official page gonna come out? With the full game?

They are waiting for the full game release.

Heard that from the staff, they rejected my game request.

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New Category/Challenge Idea:

Nonlethal 100%:

  • Have to take out all enemies.
  • Cannot shoot enemies with weapons, or explode enemies in any way.
    • This includes enemies shooting each other.
    • Can shoot weapons for destroying doors and movement.
  • Can eliminate enemies by:
    • Sliding into them.
    • Jumping into them.
    • Hitting them with objects.
    • Throwing a gun at them.

  • Fastest time wins!
  • No macros.
  • This is a level by level basis. If some of the glitchiness of the “non lethal” kill system gets resolved in the full release, than this may change to an RTA challenge.

I am currently working on videoing my best times in this.

is this an RTA challenge?  and is it starting from tutorial or escape 0? 


I was not planning to make this an RTA challenge, as the “non lethal” kill system is a bit glitchy and doesn’t always work the same every time. I have found no way to prevent these glitches, so it would be purely luck based. I am only working on times for tutorial and the escape levels, but I was planning for it to be for all once I got more familiar with the other levels. :) 

Escape 2- 18:89 (fastest I have seen so far)
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Someone earlier in the post has a 18:81

Here are my time. I think I have WR for Sky 2


Also has anyone created a page for this yet or nah?

i submitted it but it was rejected till the full game comes out


everyone remember to use the advantage of rocket jumping!!

got 10:10 flat on escape 0

i got a hella sexy time my guess is 2 place 

On what?

sandbox 1

Deleted post

With Grenade Launcher, 3 Grenades, 1 Kill

Tipp: When you kill a enemy with a explosion the slowmo pops up. but the time goes slightly slower than the game speed resulting in a ~0:02 Timesave

I've tested to see if slowmo makes the timer any different and slowmo has a slight disadvantage making the timer run faster with it.

You can disables slow-mo in the options! It helps a ton :)

Yeah I tried that and it helps extremely well, when you're like me who likes to do trickshots while flying though the air. :)) 

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Fastest run I've gotten on Sandbox 1. I don't think I can push myself any lower rip

BTW guys for updates on the most impressive runs and best times. Source is this thread. 

I also requests Karlson and Karlson 2D to

My only notable achievement in life

I think I have the new Escape 0 WR

holy heck man ur line is impeccable

will post video of best time when im done, attempt at clip flopped

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I tried to make a list of all the World Records I've found. The names are their usernames, except for a few which are from videos I found on youtube. There's a good chance I missed something, so please correct me if I'm wrong

thank you Tizen, very cool!

i have 5:40 in escape 0

Deleted post

could you give me a link to the server?

Deleted post
Deleted post





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Some wrs? Like sky 0, escape 1, escape 0

Deleted post

Oh k

Deleted post

holy shit bro

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Ignore the first part. I got 22:11 on tutorial. I think its WR.  Edit: just saw the Dani 2 video. I think it should be a seperate category.

I think i have it because... yeah. I didn't get any recordings of it though 

Just beat my score again. WR 16:85

Deleted post

nvrmind just saw dani2s vid lol

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escape 2 PB not WR anymore

Very hard to achieve

Does anyone have any lower time for this level? 

Here is my best recorded run on Sky 2

tutorial 09:31

hey I heard theres a discord for this, can someone link me that please also here are my times if anyone cares, I think some of them are pretty ok.

Where we're going, we don't need land

can somebody please link me the discord server here or dm it to me at z chatter#6947

Deleted post

My times as of now.

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I got 8:52 in escape 0

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barrels are kinda weird

its not a WR anymore but whatever

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Tutorial WR -

11:69 - Former WR

I definitely have some records, but which ones?

Deleted post

im terrible but here is my times

found a new technique of movement

What is it?

Is there a discord for speedrunning Karlson 3D? If not, we need to make one. and for the official leaderboards go to dani's basement discord and get the runner rank

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some fun runs
Escape 1 in 11:23
Escape 2 in 17:37
Escape 3 in 7:88

here are my PB's so far

Congrats you are the first person ive seen to beat my time on snadbox 2, i got 15:00

New WR for Full Game

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My Escape 2 WRs






13:33 (Current WR) 

Deleted post
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Why does it grapple to the ceiling for you, seems like it gives you more speed, and im pretty sure its not possible to grapple to the ceiling in that level.

That's just a visual bug with the grapple gun that happens when you don't have your fov set to 100. It does not affect the gameplay. The grapple gun is actually connected to the red dot

Deleted post

yo heres a karlson discord here is the link

Um. exploits?

my best Escape 0 so far

Idk if i hold a record but my sky 1 time is pretty low

WR for sky 1 is 11:52

Deleted post

Am i gud? haha 

computer is really laggy so some scores may not be great

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Deleted post
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my main one is escape 1 :D

Those times are insane dude! Do you have videos?

I have a video for my escape 1 and 0 times

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Do you mind showing them? I have no idea how those times are even possible


I only have my Escape 1 uploaded so here that is 

Damn that was impressive well done

pls teach me your ways

Escape 1 is my best score

sorry for shit quality, here are my runs.

very nice :D

I did what i could :)
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Nice :D work on that escape 2

Deleted post

This gotta be a WR I got so lucky

finally got escape 1 sorted

Here's what I've got so far :)


I'm pretty sure I'm the first to do every level in under 15 seconds


Great times :D

my PB time on tutorial 2, still getting used to the milk hit box. will upload vid when i have a competitive time.

not wr but it's good



How did you get that time!?

we really need to start using vid proof, not saying you cheated but damn that is crazy and I wanna know how it is done





How? can you post a vid?

best sky 0 i think


(1 edit)

I got 3:23 sorry lol. IIRC WR is below 3 seconds tho

new bp


How u did that?

Do you have a video for Tutorial? Did you use a glitch or something?


1:25 speedrun
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I think Sandbox 0 WR. with 5.54 ???  (without Ctrl and space bar launching. i think that's the definition of classic%)

Escape 3 records? 

Do i have the world record of sky 0 now?

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SB and escape 1 my personal best
Any%, No macros, i can do it better

i believe i got the world record by speed glitching from the start platform to the end how i leard the speedglitch

i beat my time in proof

sorry i was too lazy to cut it
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done without space-ctrl cheat, I'm proud of myself

I can upload video if you want, if I devoted another hour of my time I probably could get sub 11 but it has evaded me thus far

yea show a video. My times only 15 seconds. Did you take the rocket shotgun?

escape 0 time

(1 edit)

total time 00:02:37.


MY best times. I'm thinking of posting a YT video of all my best times. obviously people are always gonna be better than me but do you guys think that's something people would watch?


im sorry but no, i dont think these times are entertaining enough for people to watch. Give it a couple more hours, watch some speedruns and try to replicate them. it doesnt take much and u can get like -40sec total


ok, thanks for the feedback!

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hello im new here but for escape 3 when you go through the first door has anyone tried jumping off the frame of the door

(sorry if im an idiot)

3:50 Sky 0 Run

How about WR  for tutorial easter egg


my times, currently working on wd movement

escape 0 wr any% maybe

This is my first time trying to speedrun and I think it is going pretty well.

I believe i have a few WR can anyone tell me if i do please

Your Escape 0 &1 have potential as well as your Sky 0 & 2

First sub 6 sec on ESCAPE 0


As fast far as I can understand I have the fastest sandbox 2 run... I was going for a challenge not even the WR of the level...
I'm sure with enough days of practice I can cut it down to sub 15 

pb on sandbox 0, i can get faster so maybe ill try later.

i improved my time c:

(2 edits)

4:94, my pb

i misspelled the title, it is 4:94 not 4:92, sorry


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I currently have WR for Escape 2 and Sky 1

Edit: total time is 1:33.99

what was your strat for escape 3?

I tried to emulate this guy (Escape 3 isn't my strongest level)


I have also done a complete gunless% run. I'll probably beat this time soon, but this is the first complete run of this category

I Don't know if i have any wr on any of these
I think i have wr for sandbox 0

oh nevermind

Don't know how this works but these are my best times

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I managed to get my total time to 1:29.96 I think I'm the first one to get below 90 sec.

I have WR for Tutorial, Escape 2, and Sky 1

Edit: I just managed to get 3:48 on sandbox 0, another WR

These are my scores atm

my tutorial and escape 0

updated version of escape 0

EvilTaco spliced together all the WR times


These are my current times


Found this game a little over 2 hours ago... have now gotten times that I feel good about on all the levels


newest times of meh

Nothing too crazy, but I'm pretty proud of some of these times!


My times:

Beat this ^^

Times stand: 15/02/2020 3:16:

Best Sky 0

My high schools atm

My best time in Sky (03:95)

(1 edit) (+1)

I stopped because my hand was hurting. Not great, but it's a good start.


i have a question how the f did you completed sandbox 2 its fckn impossible even on really high speed lol

Trial and error. I only did it once. Go for the wall and not straight for the bounce pad, its slower but more reliable

ty i will try)


My times, so proud of sky 0 and 1


So, i glitched it. Notice it doesn't say NA. I actually did it in zero seconds. I did it by picking up speed on another level and opening a second window, crashing the first and BAM. Infinite speed, pretty much infinite bounce. I could only do it on this level because of the completely closed area. I believe I win.

We doing legit buissnis here my man,

no glitching allowed

Where  does it say so? What is classified as a glitch? Is rocket jumping a glitch? 

rocket jump isn't a glitch, its a trick (or i dunno how it called)

Using a second window is probably in the same vein as using an external program. Glitches that can be used in a speedrun have to be achieved by the player without manipulation of the program, just the inbuilt physics and mechanics 

I just found way to do it with one. So..... yeah.

"While recording runs, interacting with the game other than through the gameplay itself is not allowed. This rule covers both passive methods (such as RAM-watch) and active methods (such as removing or altering a game disc/cartridge/file while the game is running)."

So it depends on how this is achieved

It is all in game. It actually involves pausing but still being able to move. No external anything.

now i know how to jump :)


another edit: 

idk if those are good time

Fav Maps: Sandbox 1, Escape 0, Escape 3, Sky 0

(1 edit)

Bcs the times i see submited are more than 20 secs

New time in SANDBOX1:  00:05:90

(1 edit)

I could still work on sandbox 2 and sky 2, but the rest are pretty good.

My current WRs:

(1 edit)

Only saw 1 person doing 100% so i decided to beat them :) (Escape 0)

Thats not wr. Sorry.

Did anyone beat my time already???

Do i hold any world records?

sky 0 and sky 1 are pure rng hell

This is my best time, I'm really proud of the time on sandbox1

I hope this times are good :)


Literal flex


I know this isn't nearly WR, but what is everyone's best on Escape 3?

My Time

Look at sky 0

heres my weak flex.

is this good

make sure you specify that you are doing dc% runs. and specify which runs you are using dc on. Most of those times look good except for sky 2. You could save 5-10 seconds using the outside of roller strat

(1 edit)

Update + image not showing up?? so offsite link it is

Gotta couple of vids of live ones still workingon hitting good sky2 time plus can improve sandbox 1 too cba to get good sky0 tbh

My best times:

After spending a few weeks creating what i would assume are perfect runs, i spent a few more weeks trying to do them. This is the best I could muster, although I got faster times on a TAS, i just dont think its possible.

my PB for escape 0

Well they will get better

look at dat time


(3 edits)

this looks like a good time for escape 0

how can i improve this time?

Um there is a page you all know?

haha yes

(1 edit)

I mean yeah, it's not the best, but this is the first game I ever speedran

Kinda good runs but most of the could be better.

(1 edit)

Best i could do...

I got 00:06:66 on Sky 0



what does sticky mean? (sorry im new)


Hey! So i downloaded the game about a week ago and managed to get this time on sandbox 1, is this good?

I will keep trying sky 0 until I hold WR


did i do it?




Prolly Not world record but here are my times

I only care about escape 3, I know I didn't beat the record 

Getting better?





Is this good?


why dont you make karlson for chorm books (or you cant do that

Damn Dani back with the dope games
(1 edit)

I’ll cut these time in half!

This is so good! Can’t wait for full!


I'm still improving my times.


pretty good, not perfect though

slightly better times 

Goood Job I Caant Even Do Lvl 3

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