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I know how too do a linux build...

The game is great, I want you to know that, but I think criticism can be more helpful than complements.

I feel like there is no objective, other than get get 50/100 coins, which one can do easily.

I also fell like the difference between the characters isn't as big as you think (although this isn't really a super bad thing).

Really? You liked the music?

Isn't that just because you are already running that way?

Affect it in what way?

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I like the game a lot. The ramp collision makes it really hard!

Maybe make it so you can progress to the next level either automatically or by pressing space.

BTW how far apart are the beats?

i like this

The sprite messing up can be fixed by going to the sprite asset and in the inspector change the format to something higher quality.

You idiot, you need to upload the entire folder.

(I know the maker)

I didn't notice the speakers, but I still think it is weird. Of course that is all up to y'all.

Yeah, I mostly don't like slow games. It was really well made though, even if I don't personally enjoy the way it was made.

I don't do game dev mainly on why did you just assume that? I use this only for jams, which I mostly delete afterwards, because I file them away incase I hope to build more on them later. After making a portfolio of prototypes I found a team on r/gamedevclassifieds and am working with them.

I did play through to the end. Unless the game unlocks if you take a different path at the fork.

Game dev here: 

sensitivity option pls

you're view still moves when paused. If you did it right setting Time.timeScale to 0 will help that

I don't like how the voice's audiosource isn't attached to player, but whatever floats your boat

Quite boring overall, especially with the slow move speed and locked doors

you need to hit every checkpoint... that is one of the requirements...

Did you hit all of the checkpoints?

no u


I don't think that is potato. Does it hook up to the power grid?

I don't know why people rated it without playing, and rated a 1 star for each, but people cannot rate the game after the jam ends. Sorry.


That is a very long sentence...

Just a bit of internet thing, don't ask people their ages. It can come across as rude.

They decided to donate it.


I will be gone until 30 minutes after the jam ends. In that time I cannot respond to any posts and such. Afterwards I will contact the winner, I prefer through discord. You can find me as the moderator on

I wish the enemies did more, maybe fire smaller projectiles with the same following AI as the tanks.

I would also like to see the tanks have a mechanical difference instead of just a visual one.

Dang, this was made before the time for the new year jam. It has been removed from that jam.

Im pretty sure it averages out all your personal ratings to be worth 3 stars, so naturallly rating low isn't going to hurt people.

Ok, it doesn't have to be a steam gift card.

It is pretty much average rating times number of ratings.

I noticed. I was in that jam.

Sound effects alone are often enough to get you to 5 star audio quality.

No, doing a function with the output of GetAxis, which would then give you a proper curve for movement.

Sir, you have a duplicate game that was posted before the jam. You have been banned.

You have the mechanics, but the levels are missing. The idea has potential.

You have the mechanics, but you don't have the levels. Still amazing for 24 hours, though some audio would be nice.

The colors dont match at all.

Amazing visual, a bit repetetive gameplay. I would love to see this expanded upon.