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skill issue

Very bell curve.  Average is 14-15.

30 is far more than average. I'd legit say you are in the top 20%. I still rate yours anyway because more is always better.

If you want to you can rate mine

Thank you. Yes, the lack of prediction is a part of it. I tried to go for reaction being the main interface with the game.

Thank you.

Thank you. I enjoy the bloom and basic aesthetic. What would you have changed to improve the visuals if you can?

Simplicity: Very simple, just run and gun.

Fun: Controls were kind of awful. Actually really awful. You having to hold the up arrow to jump? Not just jump higher, but jump at all. Also, maybe the bullets shouldn't be a child of the player.

Creativity: Creative story and concept, not too creative of mechanic.

Visuals: The UI is great, but you know how the game itself is.

Sound: Great music. Really adds to the game, rather than just being there.

On topic: Don't know which AI you are cooperating with. Because you play as the AI.

Great job going through the effort of a leaderboard.

Simplicity: Super simple, but in probably the best way.

Fun: Gloriously hard. Not for everyone, but I absolutely loved the difficulty! It was fun to restart, though I wish there was a key that would allow you to speed it up. It was still super satisfying even while waiting.

Creativity: Super creative, both in terms of story and in terms of mechanics. 

Visuals: Loved the aesthetic in every way.

Sound: One of the strongest soundtracks I've seen.

On Topic: I'm normally very harsh on controlling the AI rather than cooperating with it, but the way you did it feels like cooperating.

If you look at my past feedback it is normally much more harsh than this, but this is an amazing game. Legitimately the best I've seen in this jam. I'd pay for an extended version of this. Heck, I'd have payed a dollar for the experience you did give me (if I knew how great it'd be).

My average wowie rating is usually a 2-3. I gave this a 5.

Simplicity: Hyper simple, hyper awesome.

Fun: Very neat game feel (juice) and solving it is super satisfying. I wish there was more, as most of it felt like a tutorial. I do wish your tiles clicked into the perfect spot and you would know which way the robot would start moving in.

Creativity: Not an entirely original idea, putting instructions for the AI, but it was creative to put it on the board rather than elsewhere.

Visuals: Loved the design for the tiles, but the robot and the trail felt quickly done.

Sound: The audio restarting every level was a little annoying, but I still liked the sound.

On Topic: Felt like controlling the AI, not cooperating, but that is a super common interpretation of the theme.

Great ideas!

I'm not trying to justify myself, it is how it feels that is important, not how it is, but I'm just going to say that the game would be FAR harder without it. I probably should have made it more of an ally though.

You most definitely did pretty well. You did very well. I have a bad habit of not elaborating on positive feedback, because it is less clear how something is positive than it is how it is negative, so reading back on my feedback I cringe at how it sounds negative, even if you did not interpret it as such.

Simplicity: Quite simple.

Fun: I love this style of gameplay.

Creativity: Entirely unique idea. I haven't seen one like it.

Visuals: Loved the style, although nothing really conveys the robo dog is a dog except the description. I'm not decreasing that for you.

Sound: Wish you could change the volume in game, but otherwise great.

On Topic: It is far more on topic than most of the games I've seen, even if it is more you control than cooperate. 5/5

Side note: you can get stuck on the walls. Just keep walking.

Simplicity: Very simple.

Fun: Not crazy fun. The actual shooting is fun, but babysitting the AI isn't.

Creativity: An entirely unique idea.

Visuals: Not too good, but the other things more than make up for it.

Sound: I loved the music.

On Topic: It feels as if the AI is just a thing you have to babysit and upgrade. You can't even shoot at the same enemies as them, just give them stuff and have them handle it. Cooperation is two way.

Simplicity: Quite simple, although a lot to get deep into.

Fun: The fast mode is nowhere near fast enough, and the controls are clunky (physically clicking and being unable to use the keyboard)

Creativity: I've seen basically this exact same game mechanically 4 times in this jam.

Visuals: 3d is very impressive in a jam, but the aspect ratio was off on my computer.

Sound: Nice sounding. Very nice.

On Topic: Feels like you control this AI, not cooperates with it.

Simplicity: Simple, although not simple to play.

Fun: FAR  to difficult. No in-game tutorial about how it works.

Creativity: Not too original, but still more creative than most.

Visuals: Very nice lookin'

Sound: Not good, not bad. Like most games. I'm not the best at critising audio.

On Topic: One of the best examples I've seen.

Simplicity: Quite simple.

Fun: Quite fun to play, although it is made less fun by how dang annoying it is to have to wait for the enemies to spawn.

Creativity: Not entirely original.

Visuals: Not the best looking, but you did good with the time constraint.

Sound: Loved the audio.

On Topic: 50% in my opinion.

I've editted my rating to reflect that.

Simplicity: Gloriously simple, but not too simple.

Fun: Not too fun. Feels like you just inconviently control an uncooperative bug that moves slowly.

Creativity: A gloriously creative idea.


Sound: Not too noteworthy (unintentional pun), but still good.

On Topic: It feel like you control the AI, not cooperate with it.

Simplicity: Rather simple

Fun: Not super fun. The bad enemies just bunch and and block the way, and everything is so restrictive. It is simply frustrating to have the sword block the way you are going.

Creativity: Very creative idea.

Visuals: Great pixel art.

Sound: I loved the way the AI sounded.

On Topic: Doesn't feel like the AI is an AI, just A Guy with a voice synth.

Simplicity: Simple, but not super simple.

Fun: Not too fun, especially with the slow times to execute the code.

Creativity: Not too original an idea.

Visuals: I loved the way it looked so much.

Sound: Enjoyable audio.

On Topic: Feels like you are controlling the AI, not cooperating with it.

Simplicity: Really simple, mechanically, visually, and storywise. Maybe less simple to someone without much experience with older games.

Fun: Not the most fun, but I don't really like this input for shooters. I didn't rate you too harshly for it, because that is my preference.

Creativity: Not too creative a core concept, but the setting and art was creative.

Visuals: Very few 3d games in a jam, and you made it look very impressive. I love it!

Sound: Not too noticeable. I didn't knock you for it or bump you. The audio transitions are rather jarring, however.

On Topic: Not the most on topic, but better than other games I've seen.

It's a shame this game hasn't gotten more rating. I've found that rating other people's game is a great way to get feedback, so if you want feedback, try that.

The timer sets itself back to the large number once the levitation starts, not when it ends.

I misinterpreted your original question. The levitation always lasts 5 seconds.

Unique idea!


Now I'm playing it!

Simplicity: Very simple! Super easy to understand!

Fun: Not the most fun mechanically, but more than made up for by other aspects. It is just awkward to click on the insects to much.

Creativity: Not the most creative mechanically, but in terms of concept and art it is super creative.

Visuals: Loved the art style!

Sound: Great music and FX.

On Topic: It's all about you cooperating with an AI, but it still feels like you could play the game without it. That, in my opinion makes it less with the theme, but I didn't rate you too harshly because that isn't everyone's opinion.

Thank you! I also loved your game.


If it helps, or is trying to help (storywise, like your game), then it is totally done right.

It... has a counter...

Though it is small and in the corner, so it's fair that you missed it.

Any good guys being AI means you are cooperating with AI (at least in your case).

Of course. That part was just me with my unity brain.


So many people don't get it because of this.

Existence of AI != Cooperate with AI

Level 6 = level 5?

You guessed correctly, it is completely random. I honestly planned to make it move to the average position of all enemies but never got around to it.

You need to change the player settings to allow us to play it.

(2 edits)

Not like, "I feel guilty for it being mean," sort of bad.

More like, "There was little about what was good and you should keep doing," sort of feedback, which is just as important and sadly often left out (especially with me, a bad habit I am trying to fix.)

tldr; bad is in low quality, not bad as in critical