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my times, currently working on wd movement

KARLSON community · Created a new topic please add shift

i can use left ctrl for sliding and crouching but it would feel a lot better if i could use left shift instead

thanks so much!! i do have audacity but will look into  the german tool, thanks!!

Jam for Kids community · Created a new topic BUBBLES!!!

awesome progress!! (teaming up, me = code, simon = art)


ummm..hi everyone, ima .. get started now =)

no problem!! it was so much fun to play!!

yeah!! thanks please do give some basic info on those programs!!

i need this soundtrack? ambience? whatever you like to call it =D i need it!!!

this is amazing, and very unsettling (which makes it awesome!!!). Also I saw the messages from another person? trying to warn me and telling me to run away, very nice detail!! this game should be waaaaay more popular!!

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Just finished the whole game... I WANT MORE!! Its so cute and the rhythm minigame is super fun!! 

thanks so much for the reply, I will try that :)

Hey, some of the controls dont work? is there anything I can do? Im talking about the rythm game, it only seems like j and l work

Cant Wait to try it!! it seems so cute and lovely!

sorry for the frustration, I was thinking  that was just the difficulty but I was wrong. I'm doing research on difficulty and frustration to do it properly. Thanks for playing anyway and for your feedback! 

Sorry for the confusion at the end XD. It was most likely because you didn`t collect all 3 bucket friends. I`ll send your thanks to my friends for the art style, she made all the art (which was incredible, thanks Simon!). Thanks for the music compliment but really, we just grabbed music from the  audio library from YouTube. Thanks so much for your feedback, it means a lot to us! and thanks for playing, Glad you enjoyed it!

this is awesome!!!!