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I think a few more of the 5,000 people who've played it would have noticed some ill effects by now :)

Not really sure what you're seeing on your end, but I definitely didn't make an entire game just to give people viruses lol 

Sumo Skies community · Created a new topic dum game

very bad I hate it... why would you make this?  this will never be goty


I don't have an issue with that.  I guess if you plan to go hard on it, I'd just like to mention that the game was made in a week for a gamejam, by one guy :)

Ahh... That's actually a mistake on my part.  VR support isn't available, but by default UE4 makes it look like it is

UE4 :)

I can see the resemblance , but no, I made all the gameplay systems from scratch during the jam :)

Thank you for the kind words :)  I learned game development tools by following tutorials from YouTube, and the more conceptual design related stuff by watching lots of channels like GDC, GDU, and Thomas Brush... and by failing a lot haha.

Yep, all within the 7 days.  Streamed a lot of it here :)  Two_Star_Games - Twitch

This is totally winning something.  Really enjoyed it :)


Thank you!  Awesome to hear you liked it :)

I may just do that... Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey! Thanks :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Not bad, I like the direction you're going with this game!  The #1 thing that needs some improvement are your controls.  Currently you're using a control scheme that is very unconventional, and awkward to use.  I would suggest doing some simple remapping of the controls.  Here's a format I would recommend:

-Keep A and D the same (just use them for left and right movement)

-Use both W and Space Bar for jump

-Use Left Mouse Button for normal attack

-Use Right Mouse Button for special attack

-Use E or F to talk to NPCs

Good job, hope you keep working on it, or some other games too :)