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Go for it :)

Thank you for the heads up!  Taking care of it now :)



I don't have an issue with that.  I guess if you plan to go hard on it, I'd just like to mention that the game was made in a week for a gamejam, by one guy :)

Ahh... That's actually a mistake on my part.  VR support isn't available, but by default UE4 makes it look like it is

UE4 :)

I can see the resemblance , but no, I made all the gameplay systems from scratch during the jam :)

Thank you for the kind words :)  I learned game development tools by following tutorials from YouTube, and the more conceptual design related stuff by watching lots of channels like GDC, GDU, and Thomas Brush... and by failing a lot haha.

Yep, all within the 7 days.  Streamed a lot of it here :)  Two_Star_Games - Twitch

This is totally winning something.  Really enjoyed it :)


Thank you!  Awesome to hear you liked it :)

I may just do that... Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey! Thanks :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

Not bad, I like the direction you're going with this game!  The #1 thing that needs some improvement are your controls.  Currently you're using a control scheme that is very unconventional, and awkward to use.  I would suggest doing some simple remapping of the controls.  Here's a format I would recommend:

-Keep A and D the same (just use them for left and right movement)

-Use both W and Space Bar for jump

-Use Left Mouse Button for normal attack

-Use Right Mouse Button for special attack

-Use E or F to talk to NPCs

Good job, hope you keep working on it, or some other games too :)

It should be later on for our full launch, just not early access :)

It'll be $14.99, but 10% off during launch week :)

I see :)  I'll need to check that out sometime!

Haha, I've heard of him!  Did he write a book with a similar story?

I can't wait!

Very cool to hear!  Thanks for the support!

A lot of people do say that, but I'm glad you like it :)

For sure.  I've actually added a windowed mode option to the full game, so if you do play it on Steam, you'll have that feature :)

Haha, almost :)  Thanks for checking it out!

Sorry to hear that!  If you haven't already, it might be worth lowering the graphics settings in-game to help the performance :)

Thanks!  I sure hope it is haha :)  And I'm really glad those tutorials helped you out!

Sorry, there is not in the demo.  That setting has been added for the full game, but unfortunately I don't think I'll have time to add it to the demo before we release.  Sorry again for the inconvenience!

So glad Mark was able to check it out!  Glad you liked it, and thanks for the support!

Thank you so much, means a lot!  Hope you enjoy the rest as well!

Yeah, the art and making sure it's creepy have taken a big effort.  Hope to see you again when the full game it out :)

Thank you!  Really hope you enjoy what's to come :)

Glad you like it!  Thanks for the video :)

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for playing!



It seems to remind a lot of people of that... Glad you like the game :)

Thanks for the video!