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Actually you can use those... go get the rat ;)

Thanks, very kind of you to say so :)

I’m not sure about exact specs, but there’re graphics setting in the game that you should be able to use if your computer is lower end :)

Probably my new favorite game in the jam :)  Awesome environments, and I really like the jump mechanic.  It's easy to get the hang of, and feels really good!

Thanks!  Very well made video you have there, good job on that :)

Thank you, very grateful for that! 

Thanks!  The game was made for the Epic MegaJam, so I spent about 80 hours developing it over the course of a week.  My Twitter is @TwoStarGames.  Really glad you enjoyed :)

Every games submission page shows when it was submitted, and I uploaded the first version of my game 2 days and 19 hours before the deadline, or about 4 and a half days into the jam.  You can also see when the latest version of the game was uploaded, which was 7 days ago on the last day of the jam.

Thanks!  Yeah, I'm not really sure when this game takes place XD  I Sketch a lot, and had a plague doctor looking character (which became Lutum) and decided to use him in the game.  Since the character wasn't really made for the game, there might be some historical inaccuracies... As for the people passing back and forth in the clock ending, that's just meant to represent the time passing, as Lutum walks around his apparent, and eventually dies from the plague.  Thanks the comment and video :)


Umm... I just looked at your entry, and I think your pretty much there!  Really like it :)

Thanks!   Means a lot!

Haha, wouldn't that be neat?  Thanks for playing :)

Glad you liked it!  Enjoyed the video :)

Thank you!

Thank you very, very much!  So glad you had fun with it :)



Nice!  I might do something like this again in the future... Seems to have worked out alright so far!

Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it :)

Yes, you can!  You’re totally welcome to :)

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Not exactly falling, but yes, as birds I’d say they came from the sky.  In the game the ravens have a sort of supernatural background, so I’m not going to say they came from Earth... if you look into it there’s sort of a collision  of worlds in a way ;)

I wanted to tie the game into the theme in a bunch of ways, but the main one is the concept that society is falling down to the face of the earth, after the ravens came down to earth and spread the plague.  There are other smaller tie-ins as well.

Thank you for the feedback!  There were two parts of code that I directly referred to MBPS for, which were the typewriter effect, and the subtle camera movement.  I adapted those pieces of code for the new project.  Wasn’t a direct copy-paste scenario, but just updated the declarations on the page anyway :)  all the other similarities are just due to this being the style of game I work with every day.

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Thank you!  Yeah, was sure to get my foot in the door early in case there was an issue last minute with the final build. First version only had a couple puzzles/endings, and a smaller environment.  Didn’t have all four endings and the whole apartment environment completed until the last day :)

Thanks! Btw, I absolutely love all the art and color in your game.  Super stylish!

This is so well done! Really awesome game

Watched the video, was entertaining!  Great voices btw

This looks awesome!  Totally playing it 

Thank you :)

Thanks so much for the review!  Was really cool to watch :)

Hey thanks!  I saw your game when it was submitted and its actually one of my favorite  entries :) really good job!

Cobys2, from your comment I can only assume that you think my game is just too freaking awesome to have been made in a mere 7 days, and for that I am truly flattered.

Started laughing as soon as I saw the name and thumbnail XD  Looks awesome!

Glad you like it!

Yes, there's a lot of effects, so I'm not too surprised that it's running slowly.  Thanks for playing it though!

I'll check it out :)

Thanks for the compliment!  I’ve got about 80 hours into this project.  About 10% planning/story, 30% on art, and the rest on programming, polish and testing.  This is an art style that I’ve been working with for a couple years, so I’m pretty proficient at it.  As for the theme, the plague killed everyone, and now the world of man is crumbling into dirt, or falling down to earth.

That's very generous to say!  Thank you for the kind words :)

Visuals are very cool :)  100% 80s arcade feel!