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A topic by Evolutionary Games created Jan 05, 2017 Views: 1,189 Replies: 14
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I've noticed a few things on

  • There are a lot of new game releases – too many for you to find a new game unless the planets line up and it's released within a few minutes of you browsing that section.
  • There isn't a very active game review community.
  • This site could do with some game reviews.

I'm playing with the idea of writing reviews for games. I used to write game reviews at the larger casual games websites, where you're generally writing a review to let others know what the game is about and what features you might like or not like about it – so it was more an objective assessment of the game rather than a personal opinion.This is text based.

Now I can have a look at the games and write the reviews on the share community – which has almost no views…

But I would also like people to be able to request a review – if their game meets certain criteria. In this regard I would not give a negative review – if I really don't like the game and can't find anything good to say about it, I would simply not post a review.

I would concentrate on the type of games I like to play and leave the games I'd never play to other people to review.

So my question is:

  1. Any interest in this?
  2. Where should I post this, on the forums here somewhere, on twitter, on Facebook, on my website, on a blog, in the comments section of the relevant game – all of the above?

I have no followers on social media as I've kept away from it - so if I start doing this on social media it will take a while before I get followers there, so this is why I'm asking if there's interest from the community here as there is very little point in my writing reviews that nobody will read.

My criteria would be:Casual or arcade game, at least 30 minutes long or has at least 10 levels, must have at least 1 promo image or screenshot that I can post with the review and it must be downloadable or purchasable from and preferably for PC. I might consider Android but I have no apple devices.

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1. For sure!

2. Post the review in the forum, and post links in all your social media accounts. Write a note with link to the review in the game comment section.

The only game of mine which would qualifiy is Optical Ball

thats great. We need reviews sites here

Check out

Zapp:escape from hollowcell

Thanks for the replies so far.

But I still have no real solution as to where to post the reviews that they'll be seen - ideally by people who play games rather than people who create games.

There's no forum here for it - the share forum is excluded if I allow people to request a review - but I'm not going to automatically find all the games by myself so that feature is important -

And so far there's 3 of us who will read them on social media ... we probably want a few more people :-)


It has been a while since your last post. Did you find a site for the review?
I was thinking, maybe you could start at it has a user-review section, although these are small reviews.

If you are looking to write longer reviews, maybe try a site like: It seems like a good opportunity to start as a review writer.

As for me. I am currently looking for people who want to review the pay-what-you-want game Hyper Time: Disruptor. The game is available for download here on (

I think it helps to post the link of your review (when it is accepted) everywhere you possibly can. Of course it is always a good idea to post it somewhere near the download page as well. When you have your review, we can add a 'reviews' section in the game description where we can link to your review (as well as others).

Succes in your journey to become a great game reviewer.

I have no desire to become a game reviewer. I have a desire to make casual games on discoverable – writing reviews was to me the best way of achieving that. It would be an island that someone lost in a sea of over 50 000 games could go to in order to get a lifeline of where to start looking. If we could make finding a great game a little less impossible then perhaps a lot more game players as opposed to game developers would visit and we'd all benefit from that.

But thank you for the suggestions.

Actually I was busy with other mundane stuff like trying to earn a living so haven't pursued this topic much further.

Now I understand. Thanks for explaining it.

I think dedicating to a review site, whose purpose is solely trying to create a searchable list of good games on itch, is not the best solution. It may work, but I think it requires a tremendous dedication and possibly lots of resources.

I think big authority sites like kotaku, rock-paper-shotgun, etc. could try and help generate traffic. It is in their interest to tell people about every cool game available to their readers.

How to get to them is a whole different issue :p

I know that there's a review function built in to itch, but you can only see the average rating on the game's page, not the separate reviews (and to see the average rating you have to click "More information", meaning that many buyers probably don't look at it). Also, this is only possible if the game dev has chosen to allow ratings and reviews for their game. Some might not, and you won't be able to leave a review.

I agree, there needs to be a more visible area for game reviews that helps both the devs and folks looking to check out a game. I love the itch interface in general, but the only way I've seem people give 'reviews' is by posting comments under the game in question and linking to videos or other sites.

I need to be more proactive. Been busy / lazy.


Hello, sorry for the late response. Revamping the reviews system is very close to the top of my todo list. In addition to encouraging more people to create them in the first place, I'm going to be making them more prominent throughout many areas of the site. I feel that, for many buyers, seeing reviews lets them purchase something with more confidence, so it's an important part of a marketplace. On the other end of the spectrum, some people don't want reviews on their product pages, so reviews will always be something a developer can opt out of. (This is already an option, few people take advantage of it, but those that do probably appreciate it).

I'll also be trying to integrate the reviews system into our press system. Our press system currently collects articles and I'd like to promote those by converting them into pseudo reviews.

Regarding Evolutionary Games's idea, if you're plan is to post more editorial style reviews, we do have a blogging system that's built into the site that you could use. If you want more information about it tell me.

Just wondering, where can I find this blogging system?


Scroll down to the bottom of the page - and right at the bottom there are links: Twitter - Facebook .... Blog ...Contact Us.

Yes I think a blog on would be a great place to start. If you could set something up for me there - or tell me how to do it myself that would be great.

If it could be set up under "Casual Game Reviews" or "Reviews by Janette5" as opposed to the name I write my games under.

Once I've posted the review in the blog then where people allow comments I can also copy & paste the reviews there so that it is by their games as well.

I'd still need this thread or a different thread where people can tell me if their games match my criteria - to keep the blog from becoming cluttered - and then hopefully other people can do the same thing for the other types of games that I don't play.

Are there any plans to include ratings as well? Would be nice to have a Netflix like system eventually as suggested for steam in this article