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woah this game is intense... definitely had to sit with the philosophical quandries afterwards lol.managed to beat it and kill the big boobed ceo. never figured out how to use the money system tho :<

oh ok cool, next time i get the chance i'll try the new update and if it's still wonky i'll send the log file over!

super cool game! but i think something broke for me? when its just a single car upside down and you flip it over, afterwards it won't honk and nothing happens for me. I tried restarting and the same thing happened I think it should proceed like in this video

hehe this concept/gameplay is pretty good! i won with 2 flies left(?). also is that a leather flyswatter???!!

omg thanks for recording it with commentary! lol I didn't realize that mouse line would make people try to place it.. but it makes sense haha.

damn this game is so polished! amazing job. everything is very cohesive. hope i didnt miss the ending cause i got sucked into meat lol

hehe ty! ya the iguana boss was the dragon part. def agree we could've used the theme lot more

so much sauce and style. its like a veggie breakfast sausage covered in gravy. i love it

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hmmm i'll have to think about that. they are least different from most games i've seen on itch. but i guess pushing the boundaries is different then being different... thanks for letting me know!

(edit: if you wanna talk more, we can chat on discord or something, i'd be interested in what you think about game design)

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this has deeply affected me...
the story feels so real like realer than a true story. like when you have a deep conversation late at night with someone you will never see again at a party...
i feel so spaced now... thank you for making this

oh also unrelated  i wanted to ask you if it was ok to feature your itch page in a cohost post (twitter replacement). i wanted to start a blogish thing about underground non-commercial games and I wanted to write about how the work on your itch page really pushes the boundaries of what a game can be.

EDIT: oh also that whole glowing memory thing with person happened to me too.

super cool. i really liked the sense that just by playing the game i was arguing with the word. it kinda felt like two characters in a movie arguing over philosophy to show a point cept one side of the argument was the act of enjoying the game. 

(spoiler warning)

also i didnt say hypertext could have sex in my body!

The door never appeared in the desert level. There were so many enemies on that level that everything was lagging at times, so maybe that had something to do with it?
I'll post again if I see it again!

that apple is so cute!

i want a harder mode!

i know u probably have ur own plans for balance and stuff but after the health packs i can keep playing to like 3000 until i run into a bugged level. and everything gets real laggy when all the monsters explode. if it was somehow harder then i could die quicker and test my skills easier? anyhow enjoying the game a ton, looking forward to more patches, just wanted to put this out there.

woah this is really cool. i wanna see a game that uses this

I destroyed all the red spheres in the level but the door never appeared? I got to score 2540 and destroyed all the spheres i could see on the desert level. Then i just saw enemies so I killed them all and i couldn't find a sphere and no more enemies seemed to spawn. In patch 8.

Also in patch 6. i encountered a couple granny basement levels where the red sphere was on the other side of a wall so i couldn't finish. And one time I spawned in a walled off single tile and i couldn't win.

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1120 ! lets goo (edit: from an old version)

i really love this game! the atheistic is super cool and its fun to keep trying to get better highscores... Once you get the hang of it you can kite the enemies pretty well until you accidentally run into a flower rock... The maps also give off a very liminal vibe which i enjoy a lot.
At first i was a bit hesitant to buy it cause I didn't really know what to expect, but im glad i did.

Also two things that kind annoy me, are sometimes i get hit but i didn't realize it, cause there's not much indication and so i just see that my health is lower. Also the books are hard to see/shoot sometimes cause they are so flat (i dunno if that's intentional tho).

ty ty! yeah embarrassingly i forgot about music completely in my rush to finish this on time...
might make a post jam version with music

hehe ty. im glad the ideas came through!

interesting.. i like how the bus driver stayed a bus driver in hell lol. hell is just more of the same life haha. :cry:

omg this blew my mind... i'm dumbfounded 10/10

why does the face change to  different face sometimess lol

damn the atmosphere was dense! great work

you gotta only talk to people who think you pass, each person is the same across runs

omg this is so cute and very fun. really cool idea! i like the rotating through different levels

hehe ty ty!

omigosh this is really cute. I role played as myself and didn't get a game done but had fun LOL. this might be why i don't have many games finished...

really cool even tho i don't quite the get the strategy! excited to play the updated versions

oh no, just what i needed!

you could select the other option, but nothing would happen.
So I wouldn't say you were forced to be OK with it, just that the other choices aren't interesting.
At least that's how I thought about it when designing it...

it works! thanks so much! heard a lot about this one, excited to play it!

ooo ok now i gotta give it another shot!

wahh actually good tho?

i want to play but firefox hates unity web player. download button plz???

lol y e s i b r o k e m y legs

i got 258? is that good? i dont quite understand lol. i think its yatzee but you can reroll as much as you want? A+

omigosh this amazing... i don't think there is a game in the world the looks and feels like this...

really love this, it is very frustrating lol


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