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first-person arcade action set in your subconscious · By prophet goddess

Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by prophet goddess created Jul 31, 2023 Views: 371 Replies: 21
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Developer (6 edits)

Report your bugs in this thread.

Known issues:

  • physics bug where falling near the edge of a tile can launch you a million feet in the air
  • some objects don’t have collision yet
  • gamepads behave strangely
  • unlit objects sometimes blend strangely with lit ones so the lit objects are visible through the unlit ones

if your bug is a crash, it’s a huge help if you post logs. when the game crashes it should pop up a window with the error message in it. you can also find a full game log in C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\DREAM SLAYER, and posting that would also be a huge help. if the log is large, you can post it somewhere like github gist.

yooo. i get the following error on startup:

I suspect this is because my laptop has two graphics cards, one of which probably does not support Vulcan

  i hope I get a chance to try out the game soon!


oh no! if you haven’t updated your GPU drivers in a while, maybe try that. otherwise i’ll reach out to evan, the moonworks maintainer, to see if he can fix it.


this was my fault, i neglected to update refresh.dll so the fix wasn’t included in the game. should be working now!

hell yeah, thanks a lot!

can confirm it's all working for me now :)

I destroyed all the red spheres in the level but the door never appeared? I got to score 2540 and destroyed all the spheres i could see on the desert level. Then i just saw enemies so I killed them all and i couldn't find a sphere and no more enemies seemed to spawn. In patch 8.

Also in patch 6. i encountered a couple granny basement levels where the red sphere was on the other side of a wall so i couldn't finish. And one time I spawned in a walled off single tile and i couldn't win.


noted! i have no idea why the door wouldn’t appear that’s very strange.

i have an idea as to why the orb was spawning on the other side of the wall, it’s related to a bug i experienced where you actually spawned on that level totally surrounded by walls. there’s some uncommon scenarios i didn’t account for in the generator. should be an easy fix.


what level were you on when this happened? was it perchance the wood paneled 70s basement level (the only one with walls)?

The door never appeared in the desert level. There were so many enemies on that level that everything was lagging at times, so maybe that had something to do with it?
I'll post again if I see it again!

Red Orbs destroyed, but no door spawned. Stayed put for more than a minute and was never attacked.


this has happened to someone else and i’m still investigating what’s up. thanks for the report!


what level were you on when this happened? was it perchance the wood paneled 70s basement level (the only one with walls)?

yea it was the wood panel basement

oh, shit. I didn’t get the tracedump

The very first time i opened the game, I immediately hit Options and clicked the button to increase View Bob. The crash said something like “Key not found: ‘0’” or something. like it was trying to index a dict with 0

also fuck god damn this soudntrack rules


huh, strange, no idea why that would happen. i’ll investigate.

God a weird bug when I died

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Maybe I'm just dumb but the game just opens to the files.

Never mind, I just needed to mess with the DREAMSLAVER application thing in the files.

what did you do to open the game

Not sure what I did. I guess I'm just better at trouble shooting than I once was.

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whenever i open the settings or pick up a gun the game crashes with no message in the log

Refresh Driver: Vulkan
Vulkan Device: Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics
Vulkan Driver: Intel Corporation Intel driver
Vulkan Conformance: 1.3.0
! Refresh Vulkan is still in development!    !
! The API is unstable and subject to change    !
! You have been warned!            !
Setting up audio thread...

i double clicked dreamslayer.exe and nothing happened lol