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Srayan Jana

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Do you have a twitter or something? Your art is goddamn amazing!

this game breaks my brain, and not really in a fun way..

what engine is this made in?

wow this game is so pretty! was this all made by one person?

what engine does this game use?

I worked on this project :)

Is there a github link to your netcode module?

Godot isn't really a visual scripting engine, but GDScript is pretty easy to use and learn. Im sure transitioning from visual scripting would be a breeze

Yo, do you want to join us? I want to make a 3D platformer, and joining with you two could be fun. I got one other member, so it could be a team of 4 if your okay with that

Hey, I want to make a retro 3D platformer that's influenced by Super Mario 64 and the Sonic Adventure games. I'm down to do a lot of the programmer, but I wouldn't mind other programmers and artists coming on board. Additionally, if we get more people interested, I think what would be REALLY cool is that we could split into two teams that could make a "hero" game and a "villain"  game that tie into one story, like Sonic Adventure 2. There's a lot of resources on how to do this and I'm really excited to try this out!

That would be really nice for the game jam

well im traumatized