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Not the greatest game in the world but you'll still have a Tentacle Locker 2: Electric Bugaloo type of time.

I think it really captures the charm and look of the modern mario franchise. 

I got a 100%, 0% and a sub 30 sec speedrun. 


good deal

I love this game, good time.


You should rename it to something dumb like *psycho block twister extreme*.

Okay, thanks.

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I'm curious, what program did you use to develop this game?

very addictive

This is great, I love it.

I unlocked the new careers a little too easily. Thanks for the updates.

I can't install,  halp.

I'm down for a discord, assuming you're still intend on working on it.

Thanks for your continuous effort.

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What's that clacky sound after she kills you in the first area, is it the bouncy slapping of her presumably wooden booba? That brings another question to mind. Is that starting loss screen meant to imply she eats you, because the very black redish substance that's on her hand and pouring from her mouth sure tells me as much.

I got this ending before. Normally I dislike weight gain/big belly/eating type games, but this game is too cute for me to knock.

How do I run the game? Every time I click the button it just ways some icons have been updated.

It wouldn't launch. I like the aesthetics of the video though.

I really like this, the experience was indeed very aesthetic. It kept crashing though, even during the menu settings.

Good job

I sure hope you intend on expanding upon this further. It's a nice experience with an interesting premise.

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I like the selection of wands, I mainly use the green to spam enemies but when that runs out, I then use blue then switch back. The yellow is great for the big enemies because they're hard to miss. I only use the big red explosive wand as a mobility tool.

I like the potential for skill growth and how fun it is.

Good game

less money

That's nice to hear.

I love the recent update, please implement a way for us to look at the 3D shoe models after already unlocking them.

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After I clicked the first install button, the box next to the place that also says install is empty. I've tried to select the box but the selection is empty. I'm pretty confused because I couldn't figure it out even after searching on multiple websites for a solution. 

Do you need me to try and explain again?

I can't install it.

The game wont let me install it, please help

Why does the green man do such violent things to those poor gangsters?

Good job

I can respect that.

Anyone have any tricks or suggestions for better results?

Will the other characters ever be playable without patreon?