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first-person arcade action set in your subconscious · By prophet goddess

General Feedback Thread Sticky

A topic by prophet goddess created Aug 01, 2023 Views: 328 Replies: 8
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Any feedback that isn’t a bug report can go here!

i really love this game! the atheistic is super cool and its fun to keep trying to get better highscores... Once you get the hang of it you can kite the enemies pretty well until you accidentally run into a flower rock... The maps also give off a very liminal vibe which i enjoy a lot.
At first i was a bit hesitant to buy it cause I didn't really know what to expect, but im glad i did.

Also two things that kind annoy me, are sometimes i get hit but i didn't realize it, cause there's not much indication and so i just see that my health is lower. Also the books are hard to see/shoot sometimes cause they are so flat (i dunno if that's intentional tho).


thank you!! i’m glad you like it!

improving the hit effects so it’s more obvious when you take damage is one of the most common pieces of feedback i receive, so it’s very high on the list of things to change, as is the visibility of the book enemies.

Is it possible to add an option to invert the Y axis?  I am old-school and actually cannot function in a FPS game without invert enabled.  I bought this game after loving //nullpointer, but am unable to fully enjoy it.



i want a harder mode!

i know u probably have ur own plans for balance and stuff but after the health packs i can keep playing to like 3000 until i run into a bugged level. and everything gets real laggy when all the monsters explode. if it was somehow harder then i could die quicker and test my skills easier? anyhow enjoying the game a ton, looking forward to more patches, just wanted to put this out there.


yeah i gotta make it harder, it’s definitely too easy now. i need to reduce the drop rate of health packs probably and make some other tweaks. maybe i need to increase the complexity of the gameplay by adding new enemy types or something… much to think about. i’ve been in something of a technical improvement mode for the past few weeks but i’m planning to get back to content soon.

Love the new updates. Not sure if there was a performance boost or my PC is just having a better day but didn't get practically any frame drops. Love the ability to have two weapons, health restores give me a little more of a chance to survive. I would love to have some ranged enemies to fight or have enemies telegraph their attacks a little more instead of just doing damage instantly when in range. 

Either way keep up the good work!!

Hey I really like the aesthetic and style of your game. I was wondering if you would let me compose a couple of tracks for you to use.
I feel like I could make something that really compliments the bizarre and unnatural levels and tone of your game. 

Here is a link to a couple songs I've done for other games as well as some beats.

Hope you're keen to work together! I really just want to make more music for games.