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Awesome, I'll give it a try!

Hey  great work sofar on the demo! Though I am 100% stuck on the first pink Squirrel fight. I see I have a fireball and can select it, but I'm not sure how to target it at the enemy. Some control popups or even text in the corner that outlines what to do or what the controls are would be really helpful!

Maxing out around 620

Love the new updates. Not sure if there was a performance boost or my PC is just having a better day but didn't get practically any frame drops. Love the ability to have two weapons, health restores give me a little more of a chance to survive. I would love to have some ranged enemies to fight or have enemies telegraph their attacks a little more instead of just doing damage instantly when in range. 

Either way keep up the good work!!

I really enjoyed time with Dream Slayer!! Kinda see it as a sort of cross between Devil Daggers and LSD Dream Simulator. Really look forward to seeing more weapons, levels, and monsters.

I enjoy the simple and clean design, but some more effects when the player takes damage would be nice. Also weapons are suuuuper unbalanced. Not sure if that's a design choice or not. I feel like Super Shotgun, pump shotgun, and M16 were a clear step below the AK47 and Auto Shotgun.

I did notice the performance was pretty spotty (i7@2.6ghz, GTX 1660, 16GB ram) framerate seemed to wind up and down at kind of random whenever enemies are pursuing me. Though once enemies are dead it seemed fine. 

What a cool game! Movement speed is initially annoying, but the positioning based combat makes it all click together. Great job, and a strong ending!

It would also be good to get an FOV setting option. It's very difficult to land jumps when you can't see what you're trying to land on.

Not sure if I'm missing something, but I wasn't able to jump, maybe I'm using the wrong controls, but I didn't see anywhere I could view controls. 

Maybe needs a little more polish or a quick tutorial on what the goal is or how to play.

Great demo, hope the Store Clerk interaction bug can be fixed. really looking forward to the full game!!