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first-person arcade action set in your subconscious · By prophet goddess

This is really cool!!

A topic by Rhindle created Aug 01, 2023 Views: 203
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I really enjoyed time with Dream Slayer!! Kinda see it as a sort of cross between Devil Daggers and LSD Dream Simulator. Really look forward to seeing more weapons, levels, and monsters.

I enjoy the simple and clean design, but some more effects when the player takes damage would be nice. Also weapons are suuuuper unbalanced. Not sure if that's a design choice or not. I feel like Super Shotgun, pump shotgun, and M16 were a clear step below the AK47 and Auto Shotgun.

I did notice the performance was pretty spotty (i7@2.6ghz, GTX 1660, 16GB ram) framerate seemed to wind up and down at kind of random whenever enemies are pursuing me. Though once enemies are dead it seemed fine.