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It has been a while since your last post. Did you find a site for the review?
I was thinking, maybe you could start at www.metacritic.com it has a user-review section, although these are small reviews.

If you are looking to write longer reviews, maybe try a site like: http://www.gameskinny.com/write-with-us/ It seems like a good opportunity to start as a review writer.

As for me. I am currently looking for people who want to review the pay-what-you-want game Hyper Time: Disruptor. The game is available for download here on itch.io (https://laserbrick.itch.io/hyper-time-disruptor)

I think it helps to post the link of your review (when it is accepted) everywhere you possibly can. Of course it is always a good idea to post it somewhere near the download page as well. When you have your review, we can add a 'reviews' section in the game description where we can link to your review (as well as others).

Succes in your journey to become a great game reviewer.

I have no desire to become a game reviewer. I have a desire to make casual games on itch.io discoverable – writing reviews was to me the best way of achieving that. It would be an island that someone lost in a sea of over 50 000 games could go to in order to get a lifeline of where to start looking. If we could make finding a great game a little less impossible then perhaps a lot more game players as opposed to game developers would visit itch.io and we'd all benefit from that.

But thank you for the suggestions.

Actually I was busy with other mundane stuff like trying to earn a living so haven't pursued this topic much further.

Now I understand. Thanks for explaining it.

I think dedicating to a review site, whose purpose is solely trying to create a searchable list of good games on itch, is not the best solution. It may work, but I think it requires a tremendous dedication and possibly lots of resources.

I think big authority sites like kotaku, rock-paper-shotgun, etc. could try and help generate traffic. It is in their interest to tell people about every cool game available to their readers.

How to get to them is a whole different issue :p