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You are right, I didn't know of that game before we created this. But seeing it now, it does show quite some similarities.

This is such a nice game!

Hi Sur3,

thanks for your post! We will definitely take your suggestions under consideration when we have some time on our hands to work on this game.
We have already ran some tests in the past with boosting arrows on the tubes surface, we were not yet convinced it would improve the game.

I am glad you enjoy the game! And let's see if you can beat the game, good luck!

That is a good suggestion. We will definitely do that when we feel that the cutscene adds enough value to the user's experience. As we don't want to make people skip through too much animations and screens. In my opinion the intro should be voiced by a classic 80's movie voice like in Kung Fury.

Sorry, I don't have the save data available here. Though I can assure you that the game is not made any harder since in update 1.4.
As you have quite some hours spent in this game, is there anything you would like to see changed or improved in some way?

Wow, that is quite the accomplishment. I am genuinely impressed.

If you still have access to the laptop you could get the save data that is stored somewhere in the appdata folder (on windows) 

Hi Exiled King,
Sorry for the long wait. Who knows, you might have already cleared the level.
First of all, congrats on gettting that far :)
The trick lies in setting up a trail for yourself in the first round of the loop. Than try to remember where you went wrong and correct them. Most of all, stay on the trail as much as possible, only that will get you up to speed to catch up with yourself.

Hi Skydjinn,

Thank you for the video :DI noticed you mentioned something about downloading the intro music. It is not available for download, but this youtube video (by the creators of the music: Menger&Meester) has the music tracks, the first minute or so is the intro song. It contains the music without the game's SFX.

Hey MrJustreborn,

Thank you for your comment. You make a very good point and I will add it to our list of wanted features.

Thanks! We are glad you love it :)

Just wondering, where can I find this blogging system?

Thanks. I fear it will be even more difficult to see depth when the camera is moved back further.

Glad we could give you the experience of doing drugs without the harmful effects :p Don't do drugs, kids!

Thank you for your kind words and for doing a let's play. :-D

Now I understand. Thanks for explaining it.

I think dedicating to a review site, whose purpose is solely trying to create a searchable list of good games on itch, is not the best solution. It may work, but I think it requires a tremendous dedication and possibly lots of resources.

I think big authority sites like kotaku, rock-paper-shotgun, etc. could try and help generate traffic. It is in their interest to tell people about every cool game available to their readers.

How to get to them is a whole different issue :p

Thank you! Make sure to follow menger&meester for more :-)

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Let me try to find a solution for you. I will get back to you.

First off, you can try to hold the alt-key when starting the game. A resolution dialog should pop up.

Otherwise hat you could try (while we try to get the grip on a more definite solution) is try to use the following command line arguments:
Override the default full-screen state. This must be 0 or 1.
Override the default screen height. This must be an integer from a supported resolution (e.g. 720).
Override the default screen width. This must be an integer from a supported resolution (e.g. 1280).

So run it with -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 720 -screen-width 1280

If you are not familiar with command line options, let me know.

Nice article, thanks a bunch!

Thank you :D

Hello, My name is Sybren. I have been a game-developer for 6 years now. In 2014 we (me and 3 colleagues) released the game Reign of Bullets. Last Global Game Jam we worked on Hyper Time: Disruptor with a small team. We decided to work some more on it and put it on itch. (

At the moment I teach a variety of students in the arts of programming.


It has been a while since your last post. Did you find a site for the review?
I was thinking, maybe you could start at it has a user-review section, although these are small reviews.

If you are looking to write longer reviews, maybe try a site like: It seems like a good opportunity to start as a review writer.

As for me. I am currently looking for people who want to review the pay-what-you-want game Hyper Time: Disruptor. The game is available for download here on (

I think it helps to post the link of your review (when it is accepted) everywhere you possibly can. Of course it is always a good idea to post it somewhere near the download page as well. When you have your review, we can add a 'reviews' section in the game description where we can link to your review (as well as others).

Succes in your journey to become a great game reviewer.