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Hi Exiled King,
Sorry for the long wait. Who knows, you might have already cleared the level.
First of all, congrats on gettting that far :)
The trick lies in setting up a trail for yourself in the first round of the loop. Than try to remember where you went wrong and correct them. Most of all, stay on the trail as much as possible, only that will get you up to speed to catch up with yourself.


I'm now on level 7!!!


I made it up to level ten then i had to turn in my school computer so i may have to start over again. And i played all 10 levels with a mouse pad on a laptop/tablet that the keyboard comes off

Wow, that is quite the accomplishment. I am genuinely impressed.

If you still have access to the laptop you could get the save data that is stored somewhere in the appdata folder (on windows) 

I don't. I should backed it up somewhere. Well imma have to do it again. and since u updated it it's now a lot harder. Ifu could send me a save with level 11 i would greatly appreciate it. But if u can't, i understand and i'll just do it all over again.

Sorry, I don't have the save data available here. Though I can assure you that the game is not made any harder since in update 1.4.
As you have quite some hours spent in this game, is there anything you would like to see changed or improved in some way?

Maybe have a cutscene before you start level one instead of having to wait on the main menu for a little for the cutscene to start. So like when someone starts the game right away make the cut scene start or when they start the first level.

That is a good suggestion. We will definitely do that when we feel that the cutscene adds enough value to the user's experience. As we don't want to make people skip through too much animations and screens. In my opinion the intro should be voiced by a classic 80's movie voice like in Kung Fury.


I like that idea!!! Any good actor you can get will be awesome. Thanks for listening and accepting my suggestion!!


Some of the YouTubers have voiced it pretty nicely. Maybe we could ask one of them to record it for us.

Here's one: