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The Exiled King

A member registered Feb 14, 2017

Recent community posts

I like that idea!!! Any good actor you can get will be awesome. Thanks for listening and accepting my suggestion!!

Maybe have a cutscene before you start level one instead of having to wait on the main menu for a little for the cutscene to start. So like when someone starts the game right away make the cut scene start or when they start the first level.

I don't. I should backed it up somewhere. Well imma have to do it again. and since u updated it it's now a lot harder. Ifu could send me a save with level 11 i would greatly appreciate it. But if u can't, i understand and i'll just do it all over again.

I made it up to level ten then i had to turn in my school computer so i may have to start over again. And i played all 10 levels with a mouse pad on a laptop/tablet that the keyboard comes off

I'm now on level 7!!!

I've been stuck on level 5 for the longest time, can you please help or tell me what to do?