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Paypal alternative

A topic by NeoWorm created Mar 03, 2019 Views: 2,125 Replies: 26
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Regarding recent paypal statemants I want to leave this service as soon as possible but I would like to still support games on Please try to add more payment methods.

There is  Stripe but it is working with Wells Fargo, you will get screwed with Stripe or Wells Fargo under this agreement:

Yeah, that's not better.

stripe and me had an argument over this stuff already.

apparently their "hate speech" policy was immediatly on tap, but asking about my freedom of speech takes filing an entire support ticket. given freedom of speech is a legal right in many places, this makes it quite the legal issue to not have a solid statement on the matter

strip hates you and they dont want you saying mean words. it's probably a good idea for the website here to stop associating with them, and all other companies which censor and shutdown creators in economic warfare.


What is a payment method you would prefer to use? No guarantee we can add it, but it helps us plan for future additions.



For rus users will be great to add a Yandex.Money (Wiki) or Webmoney


What about direct wire transfer?

I personally would love a direct wire transfer option.

Right now, all my payouts go to my bank account, and Paypal just acts to route it there. Would be awesome if I could transfer there directly.


even payoneer would be a better alternative.


How about payoneer?

Maybe a bit of a stretch, but what about bitcoin?


people might lose more money.

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Although Paypal is not very satisfactory, there is no better alternative.  This is my idea.

@firecat  I also  try to use  Stripe. But i like pp more

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Looking up maybe WePay and BrainTree?

Wepay is not for customers and BrainTree is own by paypal

fair enough and fair enough. I use PayPal internationally and Canada's Interac eTransfer system domestically so I don't really have much experience with anything else 


I think wire transfer to personal accounts the user has in banks is safer an better. Specially for those that have debit cards. 

its a good idea in general but scammers learn to make fake accounts, remove the money and closed the account. Leaving the banks to refund the money or not care at all.

you can do the very same with paypal, you know?

Yes ut you can't keep making the same identity, paypal will know what you did and has records.

you can't either make up identities in a bank; which is even harder than you may believe.

Thats the old banks, now a days we have what many called "Direct banks". Ally Bank, Capital One  and Discover Bank are of the more bigger ones.

then just restrict them to regular banks, which can be done.

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When using Stripe the buyer will be redirected to a checkout page on where they can enter their credit card. to credit card numbers. It is securely sent to Stripe through the buyer’s browser session. 

For most credit card transactions, Stripe takes a fee of $0.30 + 2.9%.

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This might be useful:

The admin Leafy would need to contact them and get additional info and provide the data for them to respond with accurate pricing strategies.
The 'race to the bottom' in pricing does a disservice for both indie devs and gamers alike.  Gamers can't tell what is 'good' or not based on price alone.  Free games that are fun and amazing (WarFrame) or paid games that are absolute exploitative gamblebox crap (Mortal Kombat 11).


I would definitely like something that is more widely supported, both Stripe and Paypal don't work in Ukraine, and I'm not sure I can legally set my paypal address to a person I trust living elsewhere.


I noticed that payments were made on PayPal or stripe.
Unfortunately, there is no PayPal and stripe in my country.
so I'il never get the money in my account. that's why I had to remove my content from the sales.
Hopefully in the near future direct bank payment or payoneer support comes.

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