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Hello Naomi! I rebuild this using version 7.4.4. It is not confused as virus anymore. I hope it works. Try to download it again. ^_^ It is just a sample so it's really pretty short.

In case, you still have a problem... I will try to upload the later version of renpy that is not being confused as virus. :)

I see... I thought of that too at first. It is because of the latest version of renpy I used. Windows defender also thinks it as virus but it is not. What I do is I turn windows defender off first. Anyway, did you extract it first? (Right click F4VisualNovel-1.0-win and click extract)?

Hello! I tried it on my windows pc and it worked. :) Are you using 64 bit os or 32 bit?

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Thanks!  Are you using Windows pc?

Wow! This looks so cool!

Cool! I'll take a look at it.

I know you're making an app for a while now. I was wondering if you earn quite well enough for a living?

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The game itself is my portfolio. XD

It took a year I guess. I hope it pays off...

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Hello! Nice to meet you. :) I'm trying to make an earning from this. I hope it works.

This one looks so cute.

How about payoneer?