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Hi! I'm glad that you are find this tileset useful. Use it freely as a placeholder, show your game prototype to other people to get feedback or engage new parners. No matter. You don't need to pay any fee until you use any part of this asset in the final product. So feel  free and good luck in further development.

Intermediate result

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Does somebody interest in an extension of the character generator for RPG Maker MV?

No one?

Ah... no matter 'cause it's not ready yet as you see. How far I'll go on? Who knows, who knows... but 15 facial hair will be done.

Thanks, man! Glad that you like it. I'd been tried to make creatures are recognizable even for using in 1-bit style. Hope I've been succeed it.

Released. You can see it here.

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UPD 16.03.19

I had to take a pause, but for now I'm restart working on this asset. Not all skins of creatures you see here is final. Maybe some of them I'll even totally delete.

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Fifteen types of monsters with a three different skins is ready already. And at least ten more types is needed. How do you like it?

For rus users will be great to add a Yandex.Money (Wiki) or Webmoney