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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames


A topic by Mitsuki!1 created Jan 31, 2019 Views: 31,550 Replies: 71
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Hi, I'm loving the game, it's brilliant!

I just have a problem with the secret route :(
I've been trying for over 3 days but I really can't get to date him. I've also followed your hints but nothing seems to be working for me..

Will you ever consider to upload a walkthrough? 

Thanks for creating such a beautiful game. Kudos!

(sorry for my broken English, it is not my mother tongue. I hope it is understandable enough tho)


Hi Mitsuki! I'm glad you're enjoying the game.

I'd prefer to avoid public walkthroughs for now (although I don't mind if someone else wanted to post a video walkthrough or similar).

However,  a more specific hint: Your goal is to get close to Carlos such that he comes out to you on October 6. This will happen if he likes you but has NOT freaked out about it. There's four "freakout" points, so your goal is to avoid all of those while getting close to the two of them:

On August 27, don't go swimming with Carlos
On September 8, ask for nachos when you go to the movies with Adam and Carlos, causing Carlos to go with Adam to get them
On September 24, don't go running with Carlos
On October 1, don't seek Carlos out at the frat

The other requirements should be fairly straightforward, especially in Easy Mode. I'll also note that intervening when the shit hits the fan with Robert will give you a lot of relationship points, and taking Jake to Q&A (instead of Adam) is also useful.

Thanks for your reply, and I'm happy to say that I finally succeeded!!! And it was awesome.

Now I'm really looking forward for the sequel!!

Once again, thanks for creating this game, I love it.

hi would you mind telling me what you did exactly because maybe i am just completely stupid but i still cant get adams ending it would be appreciated very much

Ive been trying for days now and i can't do it, can you please help me

Hi there,

I've followed the advice here, however if I try and come out to Jake as early as possible, I'm not given the chance to go running with Carlos to say no to him. If I try and spend as much time as I can with Carlos, I'm forced to take Adam to Q&A. Where am I going wrong? Why can't I manage to get this fifth ending?


Spend as much time as possible with Carlos except for those four scenes. If you're playing in easy mode, you can actually skip them completely. (You can also go to the movies with him and Adam, and ask for nachos, which will cause Carlos to leave with Adam to get food.)

So it shouldn't matter that you can't go running with Carlos.

1 question again, (sorry) if I bring Adam to Q&A am I still able to date Carlos? 


Who you bring to Q&A has no impact on Carlos

What day does the shit hit the fan with Robert/Elliot again?

Unfortunately, this isn't as clear as you may think - Unless in Easy Mode the Exam requirements don't matter. In Carlos's route, you don't focus on studying. 

So, after Carlos comes out, I can focus on studying or hanging out with Adam only?

So regarding the October 6th Confession, these four points are incredibly valid, but also - Some deviation from Carlos's route is okay, at least to get Carlos to confess to you - I had to miss a chance to hang out with Adam and Carlos to meet Jake and the group, for example, and declined when Jake asked my character out.

On October 6th, Carlos still confessed to me about his orientation, and that night I had a dream about Adam, so perhaps I'm on the right track?


Adam dreams don't mean very much in the game, unfortunately

If you're having trouble with the secret route, send me an email at bobcgames(at) and I'll send you the (probably slightly outdated) guide I have for myself

hey does anyone know how to get adams secret route because i have gotten almost all the others and have tried non stop but i cant figure out what i am doing wrong if you could give me a hint or two i would be so happy 


See my post above for some tips :)

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Hello Bob! First of all I adore the game! However no matter how many combinations I've tried I can't seem to get the Adam ending. I've manage to get Carlos to come out and I've tried all combinations I can think of. Sadly I admit I haven't managed to get Jake to go to the Q&A with me instead of Adam AND not fail any exams/coursework AND get Carlos to come out to me and Adam. (My game version is 1.0123.0-u and the difficulty level is easy!) Sorry to take up any of your time, especially with all the tips out there but I'd appreciate some extra tips? (I feel really stupid to not have managed to get that ending after so many trials) 

P.S. if you don't wish to disclose more tips publicly, this is my email address


You have most of the requirements then, but you're probably just slightly short on friendship because you're asking Adam to take you to Q&A (which reduces your friendship with him).

Try coming out to Jake earlier in the game, either by running into him in the hallway on a Q&A attempt, or IMing him at just the right time.

If you're still having trouble, send me an email. :) bobcgames (at)

can you do a walkthrough please? because i need it


There are some tips in the latest devlog:

I would prefer not to release a full walkthrough, but I won't stop anyone else that wants to do so.

Hey Bob! I'd like to thank you for the wonderful game, been addicted to it for a whole week now!
I'd like for some help tho :( I've finished the game like 5 times already and I still can't get Adam. Been using your tips above but it just doesn't cut it for me.  Is coming out too early at the frat house wrong? Because if I don't come out earlier I end up going to the Q&A with him by default :(


I'm glad you're enjoying it.

You can come out to Adam whenever; it doesn't matter. But you need to come out to someone else early, also, and get that person to go to Q&A with you instead.

Also note that Adam is less a full route than a secret ending, so once you think you've satisfied his requirements, you have to play through the rest of the game. If you succeeded (and got sufficiently close to him throughout the game), he'll ask you out when you return from winter break (after the usual "end" of the game).

Thanks you so much for the tip! I really love the game, can't compare it to anything I've played before that's why 'm so hooked. Thanks for creating it!

I want to make a sort of mini-walkthrough for Adam's route. On day 16 of September, you have to ask Jake what he's up to. (sorry, I forgot what the application is called :/)  He makes a mistake and kind of lets the MC know that he's gay. This is where you come out to Jake. You later then ask him to go with you as previously stated. 

Some people have a bit of trouble with Carlos early on. What's important is that you spend as much time with him as possible before October 6, don't come off too strong or else he won't like you as much and you'll have to wait about 20 more days until he comes out.  Previous posts contains the info you need and when you need to stay away from Carlos.

Now here's my question,  how do you show Adam that you like him? A lot of sources say that you need to affectionate towards Adam and make him question his sexuality. Yet the only times I actually get chances to flirt with him is at the pool and when he wakes up with a boner. Anything I did wrong? 

At the very start of the game, do you snoop at his laptop? You must not look at it, then you'll have to come out at the same day. When there are scenes like the one where you bump into him and he drops his towel, you have to stare at him so he knows you find him attractive.

I didn't snoop and I did stare at him naked. I got Carlos to come out on Oct 6th without him hitting on me.  After he came out, I tried spending as much time with Adam as possible. I'm still very confused

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Are you playing in the easy or in the normal mode? In the normal mode is MUCH harder to get Adam's route, I've tried it myself a couple of times and I didn't manage to get it, but using the easy mode and following the tips above I got his ending in my 2nd run. So try to play in the easy mode if you haven't already done it :P

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I gave Carlos attention and I follow your post but I still didn't end up with him


Did you get Carlos to come out to you instead of asking you out? Did you keep playing after that, until the normal end of the game, making sure to make the right choices?

I replayed it and ended up with him

Mind sharing me what you chose? I've tried over 5 time still getting lone route

Just spend time with him and Adam but don't be clingy. It got his route on accident when I followed the Adam route.

I played on easy mode and followed all of hints/tips but still didn’t get Adam but that is ok because James is best boi and I got his route without trying ( didn’t need easy mode )  \(^▽^)/

oml pls give me tips cause i cant get james for the life of me


Successfully visit Q&A as early as possible, and then basically spend as much time as possible with James. He appreciates you being quiet, and understanding of his many time obligations, and doesn't like being objectified.

thank you!!

I follow all the steps but what tends to happen is the option of asking  jake out comes up or the September 24 when you're not go running with Carlos the MC goes to talk to James.  Any tips?

seeing as how I had gotten his route many times on accident (trying for james and I keep ending up empty handed) He will ask you out the same day you would ask him if you play his route correctly

I'm trying to get the Adam route. Is anyone supposed to ask you out or vice versa? I make sure to get Jake to go to Q&A instead of Adam but when Jake comes out to Hannah the option of asking him out comes up. And as for the Carlos event on September 24 the MC just goes to talk to James. I don't even want James. Then come October Carlos doesn't come out. I've gotten it to happen a few times but I end up with no one at the end.


Adam won't ask you out until the very end of the game (after the usual ending; when you return from Christmas break), but getting Carlos to come out to you early is a requirement. If he doesn't, then you can't get the ending.

You also can't be dating anyone else throughout the entire game.

It sounds like you're not getting close enough to Carlos if he isn't coming out to you. Spend more time with him and Adam, but avoid the four freakout points.

(The James conversation is fixed if it hasn't happened yet, so you might have some luck doing it sooner at a time when you can't otherwise spend time with either Adam or Carlos.)


Chloe Spencer (cspotrun_chloe on Twitter) has started a video walkthrough series, in case anyone finds that useful. The first one is here:

I think she might be doing James next?

Good ending with Jake?? somehow I messed it up and he breaks up with me after winter break... I took things slow with him in public and slow in the bedroom... any specific days I need to have a certain choice with him? help much appreciated... I was on easy mode BTW


In addition to the active choices you make, your character's personality affects the "choices" made during the week interludes. (You'll notice stuff like "You kiss him in public" versus "You resist the urge to kiss him" depending on the MC's stats.)

You should make more "shy" choices at the beginning of the game, particularly when meeting new people, and that'll help you better handle these points.

Other that that, coming out to him early (either randomly meeting him outside Q&A or messaging him at the right time) will also help.

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thank you, this and the video walkthrough by Chloe really helped.. Jake is so adorable.. all of the stories were very well written... wold have kind of been nice if you had a friends only track with Nikhil (like he knows you have a crush on him and you try things but it doesnt work out) or a romance with Nate but I know that would have been a lot and the game itself is very well done so not criticizing in the least... cant wait for the Zags sequel... keep up the great work!!

Erm for the character part where you can choose that the character is dressed, in their underwear or full naked, for the full naked part can you make the dick hard? Like Nate Elliot and Nikhil. I like Nikhil alot please do so accept my suggestion/request. 


You can't, unfortunately. Just naked.

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Hello I've been really enjoying this game alot. But I'm really struggling with Adam Walkthrough. I play on Mobile version. and I just can't get Carlos to come out at Oct 6th. I've been watching yt plythrough

and exactly following them but I just can't get Carlos to come out and Adam ask me out. In the video we get to go swimming with Carlos, I did the first try but still didnt come out, then I tried avoiding those 4 freakouts but still no good, I already spent time with both of them as much as possible but Carlos still dont like me? Which dates should I spent time with them?? Also I don't have the option for easy modes. It's my first playthrough, should I like finish it first to get option easy mode? Could I get to Adam route on the first playthrough? Please help. Thanks


The walkthrough only works on easy mode, and easy mode will unlock once you've completed the game once (any ending).

Since this is your first playthrough, just finish the playthrough however you'd like, and then toggle easy mode and try the walkthrough again.

okay thanks

hi is it possible to end up with nikhil ? and if possible may we be able to get some hints


Nope. There are four full routes (Jake, James, Carlos, and Dan) and one secret route (Adam). No one else is dateable.

ok thanks anywayy.

Your guide states that Adam isn't actually a route, but a secret ending. So in all actuality, there are only four datable guys. 

I have version 1.2029.0 but I don't see an easy mode in the settings. Did I miss something?


You have to beat the game once before the easy mode option unlocks

That was wonderful. I always wondered what could happen if you mixed diverse choices with dynamic storytelling. Thank you for choosing to follow that spark of inspiration. This one I'll remember.

Which version of the game is the latest?




Thanks for this game, I really really loved it! Carlos's story hit me close to home and I sympathize with him a lot. Thanks for writing a story that defies the normal mainstream vns.

Looking forward to ZAGS!! Can't wait to see my boi Carlos and Adam again!

hello! So I've been trying to date James for like... 5 days and keep failing, I'm raging and enjoying the game at the same time lol, so.. Can anyone tell me the requirements on how to date James? I'm in a mid-life crisis right now


Put the game on easy mode. Successfully go to Q&A at the earliest possible opportunity, and then keep hanging out there and offer to help him with lines for his drama show. Don't come on too strongly to him, and keep going to Q&A meetings.

If you're still having trouble, Chloe Spencer has a walkthrough video here:

OH.EM.GEE. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I finally dated James! He's so cute, dorky, but cute. Thank you so much!! James is such a sweet person, I hope I can find someone like him Someday IRL ❤

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So I have a question, or possibly a request lol but will there be a feature where you can cutomize your own character in the game in the future? Cuz there's a small problem for me, I kind of have a hard time actually believing that this Chris guy is actually me, so having that feature might help me and possibly others lol, overall I freaking LOVE this game. I really hope that it will gain more attention in the future 🤟🏻


There are no further updates intended for the game at this point (other than bug fixes as appropriate)

Chris' personality should already be customizable based on your decisions early in the game, and there are no plans to add a sprite or other visual representation for him

Glad you're enjoying the game though!

Do I need to be shy for Carlos' route as well ? You said being shy will stop us from kissing Jake in public and triggering the bad ending with him, so do I need to do the same with Carlos as well ? 


Carlos doesn't care as much if you're shy, but he appreciates it if you're understanding of his being in the closet, to the point of lying when directly confronted.

Should I lie even to Chris' parents about our relationship after coming out to them ? Or do they get to know by default, like Janet ? 


Chris' parents are fine... it's mostly the frat house and being public around campus that Carlos cares about

Ok, so a weird thing happened : I managed to get Carlos to freak out at the movie, but despite this he didn't ask me out on 3 Oct and after that Chris seemed to switch his crush on Adam instead ( I only made him be attracted to Carlos ). I thought making Carlos freak out even once should be enough to make him ask us out and the only time I didn't spend time with him was when him and Adam were going swimming after the freak out from the movie ( cause he was still acting weird around Chris ) and when he broke his arm. I guess not seeking him at the frat house when he broke his arm made him lose interest on me ? Tho I did manage to get him to ask me out even when I didn't do that scene before ( tho I think it was on easy mode ). 


Freaking out is necessary but not sufficient. You still have to spend enough time with him for him to like you enough to decide to do something about it.

What's Carlos' last freak out point from 1 October ? Is him trying to kiss us at breakfast or him running away from cleaning when Adam worries about him ? Cause if it's the first one, I've never gotten it till now.


It's over breakfast

He'll always run away during cleaning if he's already interested in you, even if the freakout point was sooner than that

In that case I managed to make Carlos ask me out without activating any of his freak out points on normal mode, cause I was sure I didn't activate any of the first 3. Tho I did make Chris act like a total simp around Carlos and didn't make my feelings for him subtle at all, so I guess it was inevitable that even Carlos would pick up on them XD.