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Erm for the character part where you can choose that the character is dressed, in their underwear or full naked, for the full naked part can you make the dick hard? Like Nate Elliot and Nikhil. I like Nikhil alot please do so accept my suggestion/request. 

Mind sharing me what you chose? I've tried over 5 time still getting lone route

1 question again, (sorry) if I bring Adam to Q&A am I still able to date Carlos? 

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Thanks for taking time to reply my question again. 

OMG how you do it? Can you send me the steps?? Please

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Oh and is it possible to have Nikhil's ending? Oh and for Jake part, are there suppose to have like sex scene or something like that? Sorry if I asked too many question but last 1 for now. What is the Parting Way thing? 

Thank you very much for taking time to reply to all of my comments. Its very enjoyable and I've successfully gotten Jake's ending. Nice game. 

May I know how to use Easy Mode? Nothing seemed to change for me 😩 

How do I download easy mode? 

No happy endings for me😩

It's already Oct 8 and nothing happened.... 😩 

Yes neither am I able to. It is extremely annoying.