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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames

Am I missing something?

A topic by Micalie created Jan 28, 2019 Views: 4,361 Replies: 29
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I've played the game twice now and gotten the Lone Rogue ending on both of them despite spending as much time as I possibly can with the guys I was going for(Adam and Carlos). 

I mean when I went for AdamI thought that Lone Rogue was just the default ending since he's straight, but I didn't really feel like I was doing anything wrong on Carlos' route.

I guess I just want to know if getting that ending is normal? Or if there's something specific I might've missed in order to lock onto somebody's route. Having some way of determining whether or not you're on the right path would be neat in a future update, if possible.

Other than that it's a really great and enjoyable game though! Many many kudos. 


Glad you're enjoying it!

Lone Rogue is the "default" ending if you aren't dating anyone. The four dateable guys will all ask you out by mid-October, so if you've hit late October and are still single, you will be for the rest of the game.

Carlos should be easy to date if you spend as much time with him as possible, but that also means you can't get on Adam's bad side early (for example, by snooping on his computer or giving him the impression that you don't like frat guys).

Let me know if you're still having trouble. He should ask you out on October 3, if he likes you enough by then.

I got the Lone Rogue ending, too.  I pined for Adam pretty much the whole game.  Such a great game.

I successfully finished Carlos route in easy mode. I am struggling on Adam’s route. I almost replayed 8 times and runs out of all the savings. By now I really doubt if Adam is straight as hell...


There's some information about the fifth route in the second devlog, here:

Make sure you're running version 1.0122.0 or newer of the game.

Oh, thanks! I’ll try tonight to see if I can make some progresses!

Wait a sec. I think I'm missing a point here.

Should I inform the prospective LI that I'm gay, at all? And how long can I wait before doing that? I'm still on my 1st run and apparently on the default single route, but I've been very tight-lipped about my business - could that be the reason? Adam I informed first, but not at once, then a bunch of people at Q&A (as in, that was obvious, why else would I go there), then Jake and Co during his own scene... then Carlos while being on the phone with parents, and that was already past mid-October by then.


You'll come out to each of the LIs at an appropriate time, if you have enough affection to start on their path in October. (In Carlos' case, it'll be more that Adam accidentally outs you when trying to help him deal with his feelings for you.)

When you come out has no impact on the routes, other than potentially reducing the amount of time you have to get close to a guy (for example, if you visit Q&A later in the game, and therefore have less time with James and Dan before October).

Good to know, thanks for the explanation.

Also...  I only just realized that I never expressed attraction to any of the guys upon first meeting them.  That probably didn't help matters. Now in 2nd playthrough I've decided to become instantly attracted to Adam and Carlos and - wow, how the inner monologue changed! XD (Immersion is not as strong any more, though. Hard to say why, maybe the MC is just getting too bothered for it to feel realistic).

Great game, anyway. Thank you. It literally made my day today.


Being attracted to someone only impacts the "secret" route. It only affects narration (and some scene variations) for everyone else.

Yeah, I managed to get Carlos route in easy mode. Just finished Jake's. 

And Ashleigh, it seems trying again when you've unlocked easy mode is the key to success. 

Okay, I've had this game for idk 2 weeks at the most. I have managed to get Carlos, Jake, and Dan's route, both good and bad endings. The thing that bugs me is that I have been trying to get James's route and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. The first couple days I had it, I pinned for him but then I stopped and tried to go for the other LIs. And I am playing the game now as we speak and i still can't figure out James's route. help??

You have to explore the campus on August 26 and chat with Janet on September 23. Other than that, be always patient and understanding with his work as an actor. I hope this helps.

thank you, i dont think i tried those before. i know hes an actor but it just seems like mc is a nuisance tbh


James is just very introverted and prefers to keep to himself, and also has a crazy busy schedule. He actually really enjoys spending with with MC when he can, even if he's not always able to show it. :)

okay help I have tried to get james route about 10 times now and I always end up getting the stutter and he doesn't ask my character out in the mid to late October breakfast date.

What do I do now???

I am so confused on how to get his route


Some tips are in this devlog:

Basically, successfully visit Q&A on September 9, explore campus on August 26, and talk to Janet on September 23. Otherwise, just spend as much time with him as possible, and don't come on to him too strongly.

omg I finally figured it out now im stuck on adam…

I tried following the tips but how do I get his 3rd freak out, I keep trying to set up it but I can never get the option to go running with him. Should I go to the qa earlier on then, I go to the qa and I can't get it to work so do I have to befriend jake earlier? 

IM stuck again XD


You *don't* want Carlos to freak out, so not going running is what you want anyway.

Going to Q&A whenever as fine as long as you take Jake.

oml thank you so much that makes a lot more sence. Like the guide didn't say whether I had to follow him and have a freak out or not have one so I was confused and thought I needed one. So I have to be there when he should have one or no? Like would I get the friend path if I missed a day?


If Carlos freaks out, it puts you on the path where he'll ask you out, which will prevent you from being able to achieve Adam's route (even if you turn Carlos down).

So you need to get close to Carlos (so he'll come out to you), but don't let him freak out about liking you (which would cause him to ask you out). He'll then come out to you, instead.

i LOVE the game whit passion! I downloaded the game in the morning and beat jake's route! Tough i got a bad ending :'c why? I was always sweet and never forces him to do nothing that he din't want, help? :'D


In addition to the choices you explicitly make about your relationship, your character's personality impacts the choices you implicitly make (summarized in the week interludes).

Your character's personality is set near the beginning of the game, based on how you react to meeting people. If you want to succeed with Jake, it helps to be more shy, like him.

oooh that makes sense lol thanks!

Any more advice like what to do or what to say in specific dates? :0


Most of the guys should be straightforward, if you understand their personalities and likes and dislikes, so there's not really any tips other than "spend as much time with them as possible and make choices that they seem like they'd appreciate".

The only ones that have more specific requirements are James and the secret route.

Ok thanks i already did that so yeah i think the only thing that i make wrong was the personality part XD btw i cant believe that carlos is from costa rica! im from there too and we even share the same last name Valverde that was soooo cool


I've tried to compile the existing  game tips in the new devlog. Hopefully that'll answer a lot of peoples' questions. :)

How do I download easy mode? 


Easy Mode will unlock after you've completed the game once. Check the Preferences screen after one complete playthrough.