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Yearning: A Gay Story

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? · By bobcgames


A topic by Wagnerman267 created Feb 01, 2019 Views: 7,831 Replies: 8
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Hey, I'm just wondering where I'd be able to get the nudity patch for the game?


I am also REALLY struggling with the nudity patch. I downloaded it and got it all set up but now when I play the game a gray screen keeps popping up and says that "An exception has occurred" and it has a bunch of  web address I think? And it says stuff about "Full traceback" ? It's really frustrating not only because it's doing this but also because I just spent an HOUR trying to figure out how to download and get the patch. Ugh. Really frustrating and could really use some help here!!! :(  :(


Try deleting your game folder, downloading and unzipping the game again, and patching again.

If you're still seeing an issue, please paste the traceback here (or send in an email to bobcgames [at]

Yes neither am I able to. It is extremely annoying.

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Does the version of the game change from -c to -u? Does the nudity setting in Preferences get unlocked?

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I'm using a Mac, when I download YAGS the game folder doesn't appear. I downloaded the patch, and I can't cut it. I have a Microsoft Surface and the patch works there.


On mac, you have to extract the disc image and put the game into your Applications folder. You should then be able to "Show Package Contents" and navigate down into the game folder

Will yearning a gay love story nudity works on gaming laptop with a microsoft will i