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Is there a full walkthrough anywhere ?  All the correct choices for the characters ? What to do to get all the endings ? It's a great game but after the fourth time it gets kind of boring when I'm trying to get the endings. I tried to use the guide but I just can't get it.  Need walkthrough please help!

ah jeez what have I been doing all this time  >:( 

Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble

I'm not stuck really I just keep replaying th game trying to get a better ending and I'm starting to get bored with it. I like the game alot but after playing over so much I'm thinking of just giving up. I have tried to find character walkthroughs but no such luck. I just want to know the right choices and things to do so I can finally get the good endings with the characters.


Created a new topic Walkthrough.....ANYBODY?!


Created a new topic Walkthrough PLEASE!!!

What the title says. Amazing game but seriously! NEED WALKTHROUGH PLEASE!!!