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Chuck Shirley

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Oh hooo, now you speak my language my friend 👀

You do know this will open so many uh "creative" IS fanart right?


I think the problem was more about the futa scenes rather than the gay ones. Many straight oriented games that added the gay option down the road and mostly went along fine(C**kwork Industries for one). And some of them that added the 'unusual' fetishes later on did get a lot of hate comments like what happened now. 

Sad to see you removed the gay scenes, but it is your game, in the end what you say goes, no matter what other says. The last decision is and always will be yours. People gotta respect that or leave. Not like they actually pay you to get this, right?

Good luck with the game though, this one got good potential.

The original is fine. But the revamp is sooo much better! Thank you!

Oh thank you so much! 

Minigames in VN can be fun, but it is difficult to pull off. Take Full Service for example, the work minigame is necessary to max out the LI's heart level, but it was TEDIOUS to play.

Thanks for your great work! Keep it up!

Can't wait!! Thanks for your hard work on this amazing game!


Please do! I keep getting the bad ending no matter what I do lol

A walkthrough would be great! That ending is hard to get :\


Congratulations! This is a HUGE step!!!

Thanks for this game, I really really loved it! Carlos's story hit me close to home and I sympathize with him a lot. Thanks for writing a story that defies the normal mainstream vns.

Looking forward to ZAGS!! Can't wait to see my boi Carlos and Adam again!

I love this so much! A freaking masterpiece!! Keep up the good work!! :D

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It's Robert Small from Dream Daddy :D

Also I know how you feel about walkthrough, but at least give us list of the collectibles and their hints! There are 333 collectibles and I only managed to get 145 so far. Completing them t is gonna be a nightmare without the checklist.

Gotta say turning down someone is never easy. You will feel guilty by it, but you gotta do it. You must not force yourself to like someone just to make them feel better. That ain't love, it's pity.

This game man, teaching all the right questions, I love it!

This really helps, thanks a lot :D

Thanks I got it! Wow I would've make for a lousy president that I keep failing the press conference lol.

I think there is a problem with the english version. The game window is too small so I can't click the start button.

Awesome short story! 10/10 would clone again.

Although I'm having problem getting the last ending. Hints?

Wait wait wait I just found about this amazing game(through Obscurasoft, God bless her soul) and you already having a sequel underway??

God bless you bobcgames(I keep calling you bobcatgames lol), the world really needs more serious yet heartfelt story for the lgbt community.