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(∩╹□╹∩) that’s something I didn’t expect and I did see a bit of the teaser but we don’t know if the MC actually accepts the invitation to dance ( I haven’t seen anything on Twitter btw ) 

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Ok thanks for the information and I hope that we get some romantic stuff  (ɲ˃ ˈ̫̮ ˂ɳ)ෆ

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Razix and Zed were pretty neat routes.  (/≧ω\)

I liked all the routes but it was kinda short ┐(゚~゚)┌

That looks so adorable (⺣◡⺣)♡*

I played on easy mode and followed all of hints/tips but still didn’t get Adam but that is ok because James is best boi and I got his route without trying ( didn’t need easy mode )  \(^▽^)/

I can’t wait for the shoichi update (^ω^)

I really can’t believe that i ended liking this game so much. I wasn’t going to even play it because it had furry characters XD