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hey does anyone know how to get adams secret route because i have gotten almost all the others and have tried non stop but i cant figure out what i am doing wrong if you could give me a hint or two i would be so happy 

See my post above for some tips :)

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Hello Bob! First of all I adore the game! However no matter how many combinations I've tried I can't seem to get the Adam ending. I've manage to get Carlos to come out and I've tried all combinations I can think of. Sadly I admit I haven't managed to get Jake to go to the Q&A with me instead of Adam AND not fail any exams/coursework AND get Carlos to come out to me and Adam. (My game version is 1.0123.0-u and the difficulty level is easy!) Sorry to take up any of your time, especially with all the tips out there but I'd appreciate some extra tips? (I feel really stupid to not have managed to get that ending after so many trials) 

P.S. if you don't wish to disclose more tips publicly, this is my email address

You have most of the requirements then, but you're probably just slightly short on friendship because you're asking Adam to take you to Q&A (which reduces your friendship with him).

Try coming out to Jake earlier in the game, either by running into him in the hallway on a Q&A attempt, or IMing him at just the right time.

If you're still having trouble, send me an email. :) bobcgames (at)

can you do a walkthrough please? because i need it

There are some tips in the latest devlog:

I would prefer not to release a full walkthrough, but I won't stop anyone else that wants to do so.