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hi there i just bought the game and tried to play but  as soon as i finish the tutorial it loads all the way to the end and then stays like that on the loaded page can anyone help me , i just deleted everything and reinstalled multiple times i would appreciate it if you could fix it (otherwise i would like a refund since i cant even play what i have paid for) thank you

hi would you mind telling me what you did exactly because maybe i am just completely stupid but i still cant get adams ending it would be appreciated very much

hey does anyone know how to get adams secret route because i have gotten almost all the others and have tried non stop but i cant figure out what i am doing wrong if you could give me a hint or two i would be so happy 

the games keeps crashing and closing its self at the same point everytime i try it no matter what i do am i supposed to put it somewhere particular or maybe its something else?..

sorry for my impatience but I would highly appreciate  it if you could pls send me the game as I have paid for it but have not received it thanks

thank you i appreciate that very much

hey i bought the game but it charged my account and i didnt get the game?