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At the very start of the game, do you snoop at his laptop? You must not look at it, then you'll have to come out at the same day. When there are scenes like the one where you bump into him and he drops his towel, you have to stare at him so he knows you find him attractive.

Oh! Thanks it was not. 

I had to save this page in order to find the game easily because it doesn't even come up when searching with the exact name of the game. I don't know why, I thought it was only me.

Just finished the game......and it was awesome!!! I mean it, I loved it (even tho my face hurts for all the punches I got) and it made me laughs. I hope to see more from you in the future, awesome job "bro".

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Hi! I wanted to start this game but i'd like more to play the fully released version. Do you have an idea on when this will be possible? Otherwise i think i'll go with the demo version x)

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Hi, thanks for your work. The game is really enjoyable and neat.

Who's route is coming next Zed's? I hope it is Nasir, the gym sneak peek got me drooling x)

Thanks for your reply, and I'm happy to say that I finally succeeded!!! And it was awesome.

Now I'm really looking forward for the sequel!!

Once again, thanks for creating this game, I love it.

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Hi, I'm loving the game, it's brilliant!

I just have a problem with the secret route :(
I've been trying for over 3 days but I really can't get to date him. I've also followed your hints but nothing seems to be working for me..

Will you ever consider to upload a walkthrough? 

Thanks for creating such a beautiful game. Kudos!

(sorry for my broken English, it is not my mother tongue. I hope it is understandable enough tho)