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Bryce Lahela

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Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. 

How the conversation between Adam and Carlos ( from around 1 October I think ) where Carlos comes out to him and also confesses that he has a crush on Chris went ? Did Carlos came clean first about liking guys or liking Chris ? How surprised/shocked was Adam about that ? And how did he manage to persuade Carlos to confess his feelings to Chris later on ? 

Ok, so a weird thing happened : I managed to get Carlos to freak out at the movie, but despite this he didn't ask me out on 3 Oct and after that Chris seemed to switch his crush on Adam instead ( I only made him be attracted to Carlos ). I thought making Carlos freak out even once should be enough to make him ask us out and the only time I didn't spend time with him was when him and Adam were going swimming after the freak out from the movie ( cause he was still acting weird around Chris ) and when he broke his arm. I guess not seeking him at the frat house when he broke his arm made him lose interest on me ? Tho I did manage to get him to ask me out even when I didn't do that scene before ( tho I think it was on easy mode ). 

Should I lie even to Chris' parents about our relationship after coming out to them ? Or do they get to know by default, like Janet ? 

Do I need to be shy for Carlos' route as well ? You said being shy will stop us from kissing Jake in public and triggering the bad ending with him, so do I need to do the same with Carlos as well ? 

Thanks ! Love your game btw :). 

Ok, thank you, seems pretty in character for him :).

1 Was Carlos thinking of Chris while  having sex with women  ( especially if you got him to freak out ) ? Also, did he ever had a slip up ( like calling Chris name during sex with one of the twins for example ) ? 

2 Is Nate Robert's brother ? 

Is he bi/pan or gay ? I would say bi, cause his feelings for his ex girlfriend seemed to be genuine to me, but I'm really not sure. 

I also never got the Adam's ending, so sorry if his sexuality was specified there.