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Quickly, tell me what you are listening to! (Music sharing thread)

A topic by DioShiba created 36 days ago Views: 314 Replies: 27
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Lets have a thread where we share our musical tastes with each other and talk about what we enjoy listening to while we make art, games, or even writing.

What I’m listening to right now:


Just some anime tracks, either opening, ending or insert track.

Which ones in specific? I'm curious on my end.


One Piece OPening or ending like this one:


I have been really into a new band called Better Lovers and their first release, "God Made Me An Animal"

On the game soundtrack side of things, the Layers Of Fear 2 soundtrack has been on rotation. Really like it a lot.

Also The Last Door 2 soundtrack, my favorite song from that is "Requiem"

That first one is very kick ass I'm not gonna lie.


Heartaches - YouTube

i dunno how to do the thing where you have it going in the website instead of going to the youtube website (im sorry if you dont understand it hard to explain

There is a video button in the reply box above where you write in the text, it's the second to last icon that looks like a youtube logo. Just click on that and put in the link of the video into the prompt that comes up from there.

thank you for that information :)

Hey! I know that song... it's everywhere at the end of time, right?


As I have tickets to see her, I'm listening to a lot of PJ Harvey at the moment. altho I find classical or jazz good for gamedev work when you want to focus on something complex without getting distracted by the song (currently Bitches Brew by Miles Davis, or those Youtube video compilations with 6 hours of Bach or whoever...).

I never really got into Frank Sinatra or the whole swing movement. Did you hear the Sid Vicious cover of My Way? It's certainly different...

Sad song, but I love the experimental and stop motion animation going on in the music video you provided.

Also I'm gonna have to look into Sid Vicious's cover. I never heard the name before but to be honest it does sound like it'd be one awesome cover.

He was the bassist in the Sex Pistols. There just aren't enough swing/ punk crossover records for my liking...

Simultaneously getting back into the DOOM eternal soundtrack and Twenty One Pilots. 


I've enjoyed Astrophysics for their synthwave music over the past few years. Figured it'd be worth sharing.

(I don't really have a specific genre I listen to, I just enjoy the majority of music.)
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A loop of the entire Riverrun project by Underworld is, in my opinion, a great example for experimental ambient music. Words are present for the shape of the sounds.

At the moment, Riverrun 04 (Pizza for Eggs) is what's playing til the next album.

Sorry if anyone gets offended but


Oh, okay.

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I <3 his song Mother Earth too.

Also Buckethead, this one takes time to build up to awesomeness:


See with Paul Izek & Seed of Life is the reason why I enjoy having a thread like this to be honest. You never know what is going to come out of it and this is one of those songs that I can truly appreciate on a different level. Perhaps you brought it up at the right time for me..

Also I haven't heard of a buckethead song in awhile, I'm gonna have to give it a go in a bit.


Every month is a different music...

Going old school internet on this one.

Right now I'm listening to this cool remix of the Professor Layton OST.
I just love this series' soundtracks~

At time of viewing this, I am listening to this specific track:


This is crazy good music:

Listening to this Bonk Wave compilation.

One artist on this made music for my project

and then sent me this compilation and I really

like it, it's a whole mess of different electronic

Kind of trying to get through a shitty moment today.