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A topic by terriv created Jul 05, 2016 Views: 1,419 Replies: 34
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Good toy factor, much fun to interact with. Lovely presentation, only the mountains feel flat. Not sure if protagonist male or female (not that that's a bad thing in itself)

Nice variety of fun enemy units. Large ones are hard to tell apart as color patterns quite similar. Bikes often crash into things.

Initially I felt there should be a short range radar of some sort but quickly got used to it not being there.

Enemy units play similar in the sense that you can deal with them in a similar manner every time. Perhaps some support units that slow you down or call in backup or shield others (reflect bullets?), or having to stand in one spot (to recharge?) or defend a structure until its complete would provide tactical variety.

You can just zoom around carelessly and bump into everything as no static mines or things to avoid. With current threat level this makes game quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Enemies stopped coming at one point tho I guess that is very WIP. Loved the sport courts in that one base. Really enjoyed exploring the map to find the objectives. Would be great if destroying things in bases had gameplay impact (disabling a barrier elsewhere, dropping health/powerups, etc)


thanks! this is great, working on an update now

Looking great!

I love the lack of acceleration/decceleration, it makes the controls feel tight, yet as I played I noticed that it is pretty easy to avoid bullets/missiles with the speed of the tank. Maybe the difficulty progression could branch both into bigger groups and faster projectiles? (bullets -> rockets -> almost instant bullets (like sniper guns?) -> lasers). Because of how fast you can move and how open (open as in lots of space for combat) the game feels disrupting player movement could be a good idea too, maybe an enemy that dropped spiked wire? one that stomps and creates breaches on the floor?

Btw, I love how enemies stop shooting/aiming when you stop moving close to them, as if their purpose was just defending an area instead of pursuing and destroying any intruder. Reminds me of how the popo behaves in nuclear throne

Graphics wise, maybe smoke would look better if the opacity didn't stack (using a blend mode? no idea about how unity works)

Seems pretty promising, love your work!


Thanks! I did bring the difficulty way down in this version by lowering the enemies rate of fire. Maybe I should bring it back up a bit!




New update - Kinda like the last update, but I changed the camera angle to follow the Tank! Makes a huge difference even if everything else kinda stays the same.

But I ditched the mouse and now the game is Gamepad only for now.
And along the new controls you can now JUMP. I think this is cool not just because it feels fun but because it allows be to have a couple new mechanics to work with. Both dodging things below and attacking things above.

The game still needs a ton of work and I think some sort of tank redesign will need to happen to make things work well with the new camera angle. I feel like maybe the different turrets/tanks lost their identity.

Let me know what you think. Process is slow as this is a side project but I'll come back to it!

ditched the mouse? lol.

oh well ,download cancelled


thats ok, thanks!

why did you get rid of the mouse and keyboard?


multiple controls takes some work I haven't done yet
I changed it because with the new camera angle I wanted to see how it played with a gamepad

Feels great, quick and snappy, explosions are nice and fun

Bullets feel underwhelming, and it's odd that bullets fire automatically but rockets need tapping

(I couldn't finish Mission 2 because enemies stopped spawning)

What is jump for? Maybe a dash would make more sense?

Indicators on map, or some other guidance mechanism would be nice, I spent a while rolling around looking for the 4th base in mission 1


awesome, thanks!

jump is for jumping over projectiles! or mines. it also causes damage when you land
also possibly later on to shoot things that are on higher vertically

I agree shooting the machine guns feels flat, obviously the SFX is terrible right now but also maybe a bit more impact and some particles

I think maybe if there were platforms to jump up on, maybe a couple ramps or something, the jumping would be more meaningful. As for jumping on enemies, I tried that, you have to be super precise or something, right? Maybe add a splash zone?

Developer (1 edit)

my plan right now:
- gamefeel stuff, maybe rescale some things, rework some tanks that look dull from new angle
- rework these missions so they are like half the length
- either some pointers on the radar or a full level version map thing you can open up
- audio stuff ugh
- pickups!

pickup ideas:

- rockets (maybe you run out)
- hull repair
- nitro (makes you faster while holding or dash when you double tap)
- mines
- nuke? (for clearing out bases quickly) or maybe airstrike|

I have ideas for new enemies but I think those can be for later

Airstrike sounds fun!

Hey, nice project! I really like the game controls, they are really smooth and snappy. It bugged on the 2nd mission but here's some feedback anyway:

A better draw distance would be nice. I don't know if you want to keep it short in purpose but I would consider it.

The maps could use more variety. It would be nice if there were destructible props around that your tank can just run over. also I wouldn't mind different terrain types that affect the tank's movements.

Destroying cities is a bit of a chore, and I don't mean because there's 4 of them. I find myself just destroying the turrets and then slowly shooting down with missiles everything else, it's not very fun. Maybe make sturdier turrets and make some buildings that can just be trampled over.

I like that bullets are more useful for small enemies and the missiles are good for intercepting big ones but still bullets are a bit underwhelming, maybe it's just how they look.

Besides pickups I feel it would be cool if you could choose a weapon config before you start a mission but I don't know what you have planned. A hull repair pickup would be great and so would be limited weaponry like you mentioned (mines, rockets). Maybe those could go on the B button? Would you find these when destorying buildings or from killing enemies? I'm not gonna suggest weapon stuff or this post won't end.

I could mention a ton of things about the designs and art for the game but I'm just gonna nitpick on a thing that bugs me: the smoke clouds not having shadows haha

Anyway, I get excited when I see the potential of new games, best of lucks to you man, I'll be following your game!


Thanks for all the feedback!
I think maybe the bases could be about destroying an HQ instead of every single building. Those give you some extra points or something though. And then a pickup like an Airstrike could make things less of a chore

I have not played it, due to problems with my controller. I have however seen the start and portion of the first level. Maybe add a Main Menu, a Pause Button, And maybe multiple tanks to unlock when reaching certian levels?


Thanks! Is it a general controller problem or is it just with this game? If the latter, whats your controller/OS?

Really enjoyed this, especially liked the lack of objective markers in the base mission, following the roads between them just made sense.

Think a wider variety of enemies/ mission types would be great (maybe one where you defend a base?) and different weapons dotted around as pickups sounds like it would be fun.

Overall though this foundation was pretty good, look forward to see what you build on top of it. Good luck!

Oh and here's a video of my thoughts if that's your jam:


Awesome! Yeah the roads were the idea for locating stuff, but I think not everyone notices it. I guess it could be made more explicit. A mission where you defend something might be cool

Thanks for the video and feedback!

I have not been able to Get my controller to work (General Controller Problem). Is there a possible way to create Keyboard Binds?


hi! sorry, not right now
I'd definitely want it to support KBM but it isn't implemented

Just played it. Feels really good to mess around in right now. Hope development is still active. Reminds me of MegaMan Legends (but fun to control). Would love to see this game come out for all to buy it.

2 points that I kept thinking about while playing the game:

  • On the second mission, enemies stopped spawning in after I defeated 78/100 enemies. May be good to have a quick reset mission option for now to confirm is issue persists on multiple gameplays.
  • I have no idea why there's a jump button for this tank gameplay-wise. All hostile objects (enemies, enemy projectiles) move too fast to hop over them, and the knockback force from the jump on physics objects is too small for a good crowd control tactic. May be pretty cool to 'stomp' on the ground to make enemies more vulnerable or deflect projectiles back at enemies.

Nice, thanks for the feedback!

The jump button does take some precise timing to work, but you don't actually need to jump over things, you get a little window of invincibility when you jump. Stomping works, the range might be a bit short

Couldn't get the gamepad to work. Tried to configure the axes in the settings but I don't know which axes does the game use for controls.


what gamepad and OS do you use?

(1 edit)

It's a no-name USB gamepad and I'm playing on Windows. I can use this package to tell you the axes of my gamepad but I think I can try to set them myself in the game's configuration if you tell me what axes the game uses.


The game is using InControl, heres a list of supported gamepads:
Not sure how to use a custom one, maybe if you could use a tool that makes it work like an X360 gamepad.

Are you still working on this? I'm curious.

I was thinking about the game today and drew some real quick tanks as warmup before work:


those look dope!
I am not currently working on it as I am focused on something else, but am planning on coming back to it

Keyboard and/or mouse support when?


probably never, sorry

Ok then