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Mj Farquhar

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Will there be an easier Map making editor? I've got a great map in mind but its too hard with the current version aha

Will a mac version be released?


Sounds Sick, Can't wait for future updates

Desert Child community · Created a new topic Mac?

Self Explanatory, Will this be coming to Mac, or will this be Windows exclusive?

Hello. I have thought maybe there should be level progression and different type of weapons. Maybe there should be some modern weapons (Handgun, Assult Rifle), and some hell-like weapons (Skull-Launcher, Lava Lazer).  You can implement whatever you want, but these are just some opinions I wanted to share with you, thanks.

How do you select a mission? Thanks

This game looks really promising, downloading it now, can't wait to try it 

VEKTOR 2089 community · Created a new topic Demo?

Hey. I am a mac gamer, but I cannot afford to pay $5 right now, due to Family issues. is there some kind of demo or trial version we could try?

Is there a demo we could play?

Glad to see this game is still active. Do you plan on more Levels and Enemies?

Maybe Add a feature where the vehicles get damaged over time, Bigger Maps, On the edges of maps add buildings or Rocks to hide the skybox.

Hello. i have downloaded the game but when i unzipped the file, it said that the application was incomplete & damaged. Help?

I thought this game was supposed to be free lol

I am so Sad my school gave us macs -.-

This Looks Promising. Mac Version?

Oh Ok. Thanks!

Why was the mac version taken down?

lol how did you make this

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Playing this in a small portion. I use a different way of playing games, using my terrible manners, but plays different games and implements jokes.

Please check out my channel Here, and i will reply with the Video Link in 1-3 days


Hello. I have been playing around with this software, and it looks pretty good. i have thought of an Idea for a game, so i am wondering what comes with the full package? More assets, More Options, that kinda stuff?

Also, if it is possible, if the Software is still in development, can you please make it possible to go full screen/zoom in and out? Thanks

Good game, but if i may suggest: The Pop up face could be cropped like the other assets, and the arm is extended to the whole screen. And can punch anywhere :)

I have not been able to Get my controller to work (General Controller Problem). Is there a possible way to create Keyboard Binds?

Ok thank you Ben

Hello. I downloaded the Mac Version, but everytime i tried to open the Application, it kept saying *Could not be opened, move to trash* . Im not sure if it is a software problem or a problem with the game.


I have not played it, due to problems with my controller. I have however seen the start and portion of the first level. Maybe add a Main Menu, a Pause Button, And maybe multiple tanks to unlock when reaching certian levels?

Could you release a mac Alpha??

This looks like an amazing game. I'll do a video on this, but if i may suggest some ideas for this game:

-More Games and Ideas (Pretty obvious, but Yeah)

-Trophies (Maybe when completing a certian percentage of a game, you recieve an item that can be compared to other players through fourms)

What are the Controls for Keyboard/Mouse

Made a video with a great score... was my first time too, so yeh

Is it possible to make this for Mac? looks amazing

Please mac this for mac