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What is Included in full Package?

A topic by Mj Farquhar created Feb 23, 2017 Views: 580 Replies: 1
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Hello. I have been playing around with this software, and it looks pretty good. i have thought of an Idea for a game, so i am wondering what comes with the full package? More assets, More Options, that kinda stuff?

Also, if it is possible, if the Software is still in development, can you please make it possible to go full screen/zoom in and out? Thanks

Included components (0.2.0):

Firearms (11 objects)
Rockets (5 objects)
Simple Character (4 objects)
Spaceships (7 objects)
Tanks 'n Boats (10 objects)
UI (3 objects)
Voxel Pack (7 objects)
Alien character (5 objects)
Facade/building elements (6 objects)