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yeah! that sounds cool

Hey! Its been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around two weeks. A lot of the assets I used from previous prototypes though.


Not right now, sorry, but I'll keep it in mind for a future update.

hey, there isn't one, but yeah you should totally make your own!
I'd probably keep it black and white?

Thats awesome! Thanks

ooops! thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now

Ah, adding them to a collection that shows up on my profile is a good solution, thanks!

For example, High Hell is under Devolver's account, I'm listed there as an author but it would be really cool to have all my games show up if you look at my project library.

haha no way, sorry



you guys are right DAMMIT

NICE! some sfx would add a lot to it!

cool! wish you could hit each other but maybe I'm just a violent person. fun as is though

funny, fun to play! lots a text at first though what is this a novel

cool I'll fire dance with this anytime

super polished visuals and sound! took a couple rounds to figure out how the mechanics worked

cool, I like the crazyness and the sound bits!

controls also not working for me, seems like only WASD and ENTER are mapped, ARROWS and SPACE seem to do nothing



sorry its gamepad only

hm I'm not sure sorry

are you using a gamepad?

what does freeze my files mean? does your computer crash or something?

I don't know I'll try

awesome! yeah its very much just a small taste of a game

I recommend also killing goblins with a shotgun

hey, its a 2 player game, made in 24hs for a game jam! the fact that it is 1 vs 1 and with the auto shut down was part of the rules. dont feel bad about rating it badly, its ok!

Awesome! There are only two missions, sorry you hit that bug where enemies stop spawning

those look dope!
I am not currently working on it as I am focused on something else, but am planning on coming back to it

The game is using InControl, heres a list of supported gamepads:
Not sure how to use a custom one, maybe if you could use a tool that makes it work like an X360 gamepad.

what gamepad and OS do you use?

hey! I agree the effect is great! its VHS PRO by Vladimir Storm:!/content/44925