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finally some recognition

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sweet thanks!

good snake

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Hey! Its been a long time so I had to go back to the rules and cards to figure out some of these answers. Here goes;

  • How many cards can you play a turn?

As many as you are able to.

  • Is there a limit to how many action cards you can play a turn?


  • Is there a hand limit?


  • When flipping a card, must you choose between generating power/ money or attacking? Do you get both when flipping?

You have to chose, you only get one.

  • When flipping to use a cards ability, can you also attack in the same turn with that card?

You can only attack with cards that are unflipped.

  • When flipping to use a cards ability (e.g., ASSASSIN ANNA), is the way it’s written mean that you must pay a power to use her ability or that you also generate a power when using it?

You must pay a power to use her ability.

  • Must you flip a card to defend against an attack?

Yes, but you can unflip them at the start of your turn.

  • When being attacked, can you flip your own cards during your opponent’s turn or play action cards? For example: DR CLEAVER allows you to flip him to give a henchman +0/+1. What if you wanted to flip Dr Cleaver to bolster the defences of one of your other henchmen being attacked? Or what if you wanted to play LOAD UP when being attacked to increase the strength/ defence of one of your cards to surprise your opponent?

I don't remember my original intention here, but I would say no, gotta play cards on your turn.

  • If you don’t need to flip to defend, can a henchman be attacked twice? Does damage accumulate or start fresh with every attack?

You need to flip to defend.

  • Are you able to target flipped henchmen with action cards or henchmen abilities? For example: Could you use SNITCH to send a flipped card back to its owners’ hand?


  • If card’s ability doesn’t have the flip symbol next to it but just a money/ power sign, does that mean you don’t need to flip it to use that ability?


  • When reading card abilities such as THE SUPPLIER’s, does the money and flip sign together mean pay one money and flip; or receive one money and flip?

Pay one money and flip.

  • When damage is ‘cancelled’ at end of turn, does that mean henchman’s defence returns to full again?


  • Can henchmen abilities target themselves?


  • PUSHERS: Do PUSHERS stay on the table after they are used?


  • ASSASSIN ANNA: When used, is only Anna unblockable or all my henchmen?

Only Anna

  • BAD SONJA: Can she be unflipped every turn or only the first turn she comes into play?

Every turn

  • BETRAYAL: When taking an opponent’s henchman, do you receive the henchman flipped if it was flipped, or do you receive it unflipped so you can use it immediately? Do you receive it in whatever state it is was taken?

State it was taken.

  • HIT: Can an opponent defended against this with a henchman if available? Or does the player using the card get to choose the target regardless of whether there are cards able to defend? 

Player with the card chooses

  • Which way is flipped? Cards facing towards me or away from me? It’s hard to tell with the depiction used for the rules. It would be clearer if it was shown using an actual card from the game.

Flipped is upside down to its owner.

  • TEACH ME TURNS: RULE 3. PLAY – states that ‘cards cannot be played in ANY OTHER phase’. What about step 5. PLAY which says that more cards can be played? That doesn’t really make sense.

They are both "PLAY" phases.

  • We were a bit confused by the follow paragraph: ‘If taking damage directly, the HENCHMAN’s power will be deducted from their total life. The HENCHMAN will remain flipped until the next unflip phase and will take no damage back.’. What does this mean by power? Is this referring to the attack damage? Which henchman remains flipped? The one doing the attacking or the one defending?

Yeah this one sounds off, I mean the attacking henchman's power deducted from the defending henchman's life. Both remain flipped until their owner's unflip phase.

  • There are a number of spelling errors in the rules.

How DARE you

  • Have something to distinguish the two decks. A mark? Colour? It gets hard to remember which cards belong to whom, especially when taking cards from other players. Since both decks are exactly the same, we sometimes accidentally got cards mixed when storing away and had to recount both decks to make sure they were the same.


  • Flipping the cards was a bit of a hassle, especially when you had a lot of PUSHERS and cards in play, so we ended up just tilting the cards 45 degrees. Wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing but did the trick. Not sure if money and power markers would help or something like that?

Yeah you can do anything that differentiates a flipped and unflipped state.

  • EXPLOSIVE VEST: might be a bit too powerful at +3? We were able to end the game quite quickly a few times with a combination of this card and some more powerful henchmen. Might be a bit more even at a +2?


  • GENERAL ROTT: could +1/+1 be a bit too powerful? We had a few instances where we were able to end the game quite quickly when we had some PUSHERS/ ENFORCERS in play. What if instead it was +1/-1? From a story standpoint, maybe he sends his fellow henchmen into a frenzy, so they rampage into attack but let their defences down because they’re so bloody thirsty?

Could be!

  • STARTING WITH PUSHERS/PROSPECTS: one of the big problems is that the game can be quite uneven depending on how many PUSHERS/ PROSPECTS you start with and how many you draw. One player can get a big advantage if they start with more PUSHERS/ PROSPECTS than the other. We found that you can be left drawing for PUSHERS/ PROSPECTS/ ENFORCERS for a number of turns while your opponent is already building up their field and then it’s too late. What if when you start the game, both players start with a certain number of PUSHERS/ PROSPECTS, so it evens the playing field? Then the rest of the starting hand is made from drawn cards? This might help both players to get a start. From a story standpoint, if you’re a drug king surely you already have a few people under your employment? 

Yeah, that can work

     I think this game has a lot of potential and I hope you decide to continue to develop it. I hope some of this helps and I look forward to clarifying some of the    questions we had!

Thanks! I'm not developing it further though, it was just a fun side thing





cool but very scary

I've looked into it but making screensavers seems way too hard


That one items disappearing bug has haunted the game forever, even a full QA team hasn't found how to reproduce it - am hoping to track it down soon.





yeah! that sounds cool

Hey! Its been a while so I don't remember exactly, but I think it was around two weeks. A lot of the assets I used from previous prototypes though.


Not right now, sorry, but I'll keep it in mind for a future update.

hey, there isn't one, but yeah you should totally make your own!
I'd probably keep it black and white?

Thats awesome! Thanks

ooops! thanks for the heads up, should be fixed now

Ah, adding them to a collection that shows up on my profile is a good solution, thanks!

For example, High Hell is under Devolver's account, I'm listed there as an author but it would be really cool to have all my games show up if you look at my project library.

haha no way, sorry



you guys are right DAMMIT

NICE! some sfx would add a lot to it!

cool! wish you could hit each other but maybe I'm just a violent person. fun as is though

funny, fun to play! lots a text at first though what is this a novel