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Replied to HalfH in Try this game

sorry its gamepad only

Hey! I like the cool buildings and how there seems to be different missions to accomplish.
I think you need more visual feedback, to make the gunfights feel good. Shots could have visual cues to go along with the sfx and the zombies could react to being shot, and become a dead body after they are killed.

If you haven't yet I recommend these 2 talks on the subject:

A bug I found is that when you die and go to the character select screen, the cursor doesn't show up.

Good luck with the game!

hm I'm not sure sorry

Replied to HalfH in Try this game

are you using a gamepad?

what does freeze my files mean? does your computer crash or something?

Replied to hiWarp in Try this game

I don't know I'll try

Posted in Try this game

awesome! yeah its very much just a small taste of a game

I recommend also killing goblins with a shotgun

hey, its a 2 player game, made in 24hs for a game jam! the fact that it is 1 vs 1 and with the auto shut down was part of the rules. dont feel bad about rating it badly, its ok!

Awesome! There are only two missions, sorry you hit that bug where enemies stop spawning

Replied to Druida in feed me back

those look dope!
I am not currently working on it as I am focused on something else, but am planning on coming back to it

Replied to goshki in feed me back

The game is using InControl, heres a list of supported gamepads: http://www.gallantgames.com/pages/incontrol-suppor...
Not sure how to use a custom one, maybe if you could use a tool that makes it work like an X360 gamepad.

Replied to goshki in feed me back

what gamepad and OS do you use?

hey! I agree the effect is great! its VHS PRO by Vladimir Storm: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/44925

thanks, I'm not looking for anyone right now though

Replied to tasquizz in feed me back

multiple controls takes some work I haven't done yet
I changed it because with the new camera angle I wanted to see how it played with a gamepad

Replied to Rxanadu in feed me back

Nice, thanks for the feedback!

The jump button does take some precise timing to work, but you don't actually need to jump over things, you get a little window of invincibility when you jump. Stomping works, the range might be a bit short

Lovely game! Super chill exploration, cool aesthetic and just the right length. I really enjoyed it

SWEET great game

hey I am not going to work on sound right now, possibly in the future but that could take a while

hi! sorry, not right now
I'd definitely want it to support KBM but it isn't implemented


My e-mail is terrivellmann@gmail.com


thats awesome!

hey, thanks clovelt!

thanks bud

Replied to Edquarters in feed me back

Awesome! Yeah the roads were the idea for locating stuff, but I think not everyone notices it. I guess it could be made more explicit. A mission where you defend something might be cool

Thanks for the video and feedback!

Posted in davd333

hm good point

Thanks! Is it a general controller problem or is it just with this game? If the latter, whats your controller/OS?

Replied to dibdob1 in feed me back

thats ok, thanks!

Replied to Druida in feed me back

Thanks for all the feedback!
I think maybe the bases could be about destroying an HQ instead of every single building. Those give you some extra points or something though. And then a pickup like an Airstrike could make things less of a chore

Posted in feed me back
(Edited 1 time)

my plan right now:
- gamefeel stuff, maybe rescale some things, rework some tanks that look dull from new angle
- rework these missions so they are like half the length
- either some pointers on the radar or a full level version map thing you can open up
- audio stuff ugh
- pickups!

pickup ideas:

- rockets (maybe you run out)
- hull repair
- nitro (makes you faster while holding or dash when you double tap)
- mines
- nuke? (for clearing out bases quickly) or maybe airstrike|

I have ideas for new enemies but I think those can be for later

Replied to Gaeel in feed me back

awesome, thanks!

jump is for jumping over projectiles! or mines. it also causes damage when you land
also possibly later on to shoot things that are on higher vertically

I agree shooting the machine guns feels flat, obviously the SFX is terrible right now but also maybe a bit more impact and some particles

Posted in feed me back

New update - Kinda like the last update, but I changed the camera angle to follow the Tank! Makes a huge difference even if everything else kinda stays the same.

But I ditched the mouse and now the game is Gamepad only for now.
And along the new controls you can now JUMP. I think this is cool not just because it feels fun but because it allows be to have a couple new mechanics to work with. Both dodging things below and attacking things above.

The game still needs a ton of work and I think some sort of tank redesign will need to happen to make things work well with the new camera angle. I feel like maybe the different turrets/tanks lost their identity.

Let me know what you think. Process is slow as this is a side project but I'll come back to it!

Posted in feed me back


Posted in feed me back

Thanks! I did bring the difficulty way down in this version by lowering the enemies rate of fire. Maybe I should bring it back up a bit!

Posted in feed me back

thanks! this is great, working on an update now

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Created a new topic Tabletop Simulator

You can play the game on Tabletop Simulator thanks to @FrankSino
Go try it, if thats your thing!