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Working for web on mac m1 silicon. Great game!

Ey no sé quien eres pero a tope! mola mazo, gran potencial.

I can't believe I forgot to post a comment back when I played it. This is amazing! Very new school game, which I love. Stuffed Wombat would like it, I bet.

Best game of the jam, hands down.


Crazy how this was made before Among Us, visionary stuff

Not 3D models, just sprites tweened with Flash haha, same effect as the game LUFTRAUSERS.

Mac port would be great so my game design student can play it :)

Ostia sí que está la cosa regular

Elephants don't have paws?

Agh, I've also seen the Play Store version is gone too probably due to Google delisting anything older than two years. Could you upload the latest build you have for educational purposes? I'm currently teching a class of gamedev and we're studying your games and I can't for the life of me get a hold of this one :)

Any chance of re-exporting it so it works as a 64bit app on mac? The OS stopped running 32bit 4 or 5 years ago or so.


Segundo comentario para explotar el algoritmo

Muy buen juego

Wow you really made Vampire Survivors 7 years earlier

Marcos maquina

Browser enabled! Nice. Addicting like LBAL! Nice.


This looks cool! How do you get that thick cardboard on tokens?

Hard but great :)

I hope your day got better<3

Don't feel powerless. You are very powerful.

Mac and Linux versions work! Tested on 3 devices, one of them M1



Butler works :) I'll see if I can build from source, not very code-savvy so will probably need to look around for a tut.

Mac M1, on login button click: "No credentials and stdin is not a terminal - terminating." Pressing okay displays another popup: "Error: failed to respond."

Love your software btw, I use it daily on windows :D

Super good!

Duuude controls could be better!

Saludos a nes.

Tremebundo jueguete, vaya equipo tan extenso y currante!

Pues oye, ni tan mal

Sounds a bit like SebastiAn

This is the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Hey! I don't usually comment on your games, but Aran, I think you outdid yourself on this game. Seeing you progress in gamedev has been amazing, and this one was definitely a surprise for me. I honestly can't understand why people complain about bugs. I think it had a reasonable launch, specially for itch.

Also, as a simple (in my head) QOL feature, could you add an option to remove physical money? As in, it only appears in the UI, but isn't present in the board. I've 100%'d the game a few times now, and I think it would be a great feature for those who are just grinding the end-game. Also, clicking while an eating animation is happening should skip it imo.

This is awesome! Thanks for making this :)

Vaya putos cracks. Cuánta envidia.

That happens a lot :)

It's good to know you have your priorities in order, and finishing games is super hard! So don't feel bad when abandoning projects, framing them into a full product is an art in itself.

Good luck with everything!

Where did this one go?