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lol you can cheat by getting the mouse out of the window. Kudos on the game, it's great!

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I've got far into the original 121, but after all this time either I'm stuck or can't remember how to move forward.

Unlocked all the recipes, did all the "key quests" I know of yet I haven't been able to unlock the "crafting" machine.

I love how there aren't any gameplay videos or guides, as it forces me to delve deeper without guidance but I think I'm stuck for good.

Any help?

Edit: Nevermind, I understood the graphics on the cauldron tile as static instructions, silly me...

Press down a few times!

Man, that's flattening! Thanks for the kind words.

I use C2 for jams, HTML5 for anything else.

Update is up! Making 10 new levels for the next one

Just fixed that!

I didn't get the time to polish the game as much as I wanted, those things are definitely going to get fixed ASAP


Thanks! It was easy to know who you were controlling before downscaling the game, but time was very limited for me and could not polish it as much as I wanted.

I want to fix a lot of things and add a difficulty curve based on sets of levels instead of just random!

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks! I´m glad some people enjoyed it

Too good

your visual design is just the best

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Damn, you aren't even safe making tiny, unrecognised games for LD! Good to know, though.

Good job, guys, the game's great!

Looking great!

I love the lack of acceleration/decceleration, it makes the controls feel tight, yet as I played I noticed that it is pretty easy to avoid bullets/missiles with the speed of the tank. Maybe the difficulty progression could branch both into bigger groups and faster projectiles? (bullets -> rockets -> almost instant bullets (like sniper guns?) -> lasers). Because of how fast you can move and how open (open as in lots of space for combat) the game feels disrupting player movement could be a good idea too, maybe an enemy that dropped spiked wire? one that stomps and creates breaches on the floor?

Btw, I love how enemies stop shooting/aiming when you stop moving close to them, as if their purpose was just defending an area instead of pursuing and destroying any intruder. Reminds me of how the popo behaves in nuclear throne

Graphics wise, maybe smoke would look better if the opacity didn't stack (using a blend mode? no idea about how unity works)

Seems pretty promising, love your work!