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Feels great, quick and snappy, explosions are nice and fun

Bullets feel underwhelming, and it's odd that bullets fire automatically but rockets need tapping

(I couldn't finish Mission 2 because enemies stopped spawning)

What is jump for? Maybe a dash would make more sense?

Indicators on map, or some other guidance mechanism would be nice, I spent a while rolling around looking for the 4th base in mission 1


awesome, thanks!

jump is for jumping over projectiles! or mines. it also causes damage when you land
also possibly later on to shoot things that are on higher vertically

I agree shooting the machine guns feels flat, obviously the SFX is terrible right now but also maybe a bit more impact and some particles

I think maybe if there were platforms to jump up on, maybe a couple ramps or something, the jumping would be more meaningful. As for jumping on enemies, I tried that, you have to be super precise or something, right? Maybe add a splash zone?