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Cool stuff, short, sweet, and super useful! Thanks!

The core book has all of the information for game runners, with NPC character sheets,  advice and rules for running cmpaigns, and extra information about the game's setting to help tell the story.

To play, you'll need the GM to have this book, but the players only need the free book to learn how to play, build their character, and learn enough about the setting to enjoy the game

As an example, this game accepts arrow keys and space bar for in-game actions, but unless the player has chosen to play in full-screen mode, the page scrolls if they use the up, down and space keys  
It would be useful, when configuring the page, to have an option that prevents this behaviour

In my case, the game has code to catch and prevent scrolling, but unfortunately, it only affects the game's page, and not the host page, and unless I'm mistaken, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this from within the embedded page


Let me know what score you manage to get!
Mine is 32

Sometimes games uploaded to are team efforts or made under a moniker, it would be nice to be able to edit the author name so it reflects as such

For instance, this game was a team effort of me and two other people, but there's no easy way to show that:

I'm considering making something for NaNoGenMo, is submitting it to ProcJam too cool?

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Airstrike sounds fun!

I think maybe if there were platforms to jump up on, maybe a couple ramps or something, the jumping would be more meaningful. As for jumping on enemies, I tried that, you have to be super precise or something, right? Maybe add a splash zone?

Feels great, quick and snappy, explosions are nice and fun

Bullets feel underwhelming, and it's odd that bullets fire automatically but rockets need tapping

(I couldn't finish Mission 2 because enemies stopped spawning)

What is jump for? Maybe a dash would make more sense?

Indicators on map, or some other guidance mechanism would be nice, I spent a while rolling around looking for the 4th base in mission 1

This is a lot of fun!

Really all I need is a little score ticker in a corner and I'll be coming back for more!

Are we allowed one button per player for a local multiplayer game?

Finally an alternative to the SFXR family? (I use BFXR a lot, but I'd love to have more options!)

Is it preventing you from uploading?

If not, the submission box asking for a "game" is just the default noun used by, just ignore it and upload the tool as usual...


My point is that walls & floors are the same thing, from a computer vision standpoint, so the selecting the game type wouldn't help the interpreter in any way.

For the photo process, there could probably be multiple vectors, drag onto page, browse, open camera, etc... The API should be made in such a way that other frontends could be built, like native apps or an interface directly in Unity.

For the different types of level, I'm more worried about the representation rather than the game genre. Right now it only knows about lines, which can be used to describe a system of walls, floors or outlines. It'd be nice to be able to tag the polygons in between the lines through colour-coding (here is lava, for instance). A tile-based representation could be cool too (need to drop by the shop and buy some felt-tip pens to test this)

So I'm working on a tool that will ( hopefully) allow level designers to work out and test levels quickly by using pen and paper to try out layouts, and then the software to convert it into useable data.

Progress so far:

This is the test sketch I'm using

This is the best output so far (skeletonised 1px lines, dilated here for better visibility)

I'm progressively posting progress in this Imgur album

I'm learning a lot about OpenCV as I move along here, so don't expect great strides, a lot of this is one step forward and two steps back, but if I can reliably get sketches appearing as level geometry in Unity, I will be super-chuffed

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Well, it uses OpenCV and Python currently, which are hardly easy to set up. So it'll either be a webapp (do the processing server-side), or I'll need to reimplement it or repackage it to make it a simple, cross-platform install.

The theory is quite similar to a QR Code scanner, looking for salient aspects of an image and deriving data from that.

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I'm working on a tool that will take a photo of a level design sketched on paper, and convert that to usable digital data. Inspired by seeing students and game designers with cool designs all over their desks, I'd like to bring the unique advantages of hand-drawn and digital design together.

Here's the bootstrap of the project (a lot of this is me learning OpenCV):

Further down the line I'll definitely need some usability testing, along with people throwing their sketches at the system to see what breaks.

(I'm a shit level designer, that much should be obvious from the test level, that's also part of why I'm doing this)

The ones that pop into mind right now are...


  • line-line
  • line-circle

Rotating a vector (2D and 3D)

Projecting point to line and point to plane

Finding shortest angle between two vectors

As someone who spends most of their dev time looking up math formulas, I second this motion!

I'm going to try to make a pen & paper level editor. You sketch out a level on a piece of graph paper, and a piece of software converts it into a digital level layout.

Reply here with what you'll be working on

Allow for sound, but only a constant tone on/off or two alternating tones.
This would make it possible to create more accessible games, for instance for blind players

Unless things have changed recently, currently you need to provide an executable, just providing a .love is not enough.

You can make a Love2D executable by concatenating the love executable and the .love file like:

cat love > myGame

You'll also need to provide the .so shared object files that Love2D needs (I can't remember what the command is, nor the complete list of .so files to include, but the end result should look like:


(Again, I'm not sure what the .so files are, but that's the gist of it...)

Rules are even lighter than I thought then. Generally JW and Kitty's attitude is "Just make something", rather than "Fit into this box", so I'm not all too surprised

I believe not, the rules are fairly laxist, just make something cool that looks pretty or interesting without any user input.

There are programs that will set any custom software as a screensaver for those who will want to actually run the submissions as such...

Ooh, thanks for that AppStartSaver link!

I think I'll use that a lot!

Yep, that's also a way of playing Löve games, but since they share an executable, it would reduce download times if you play multiple games that use Löve


I'll have a look at the repo when I get my hands on a computer

Games made with Löve can be packed into a .love file (a renamed .zip) and ran directly with the correct version of Löve 2D

I don't think it would be too hard to link up .love files hosted on Itch and launch them.

Although it would require:

  • Getting Löve2D binaries (from, or host those files too?)
  • Tracking which version of Löve is required (declare in Itch meta data, or read from conf.lua in the zip format .love file)
What do you think? Would this be a useful addition? Would you like me to contribute code to help this happen?

Yeah, that's a bug from a fail in my Macintosh code (on my part)

Just press the F key to put it the right way up.

A permanent fix is coming soon!