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Allow for sound, but only a constant tone on/off or two alternating tones.
This would make it possible to create more accessible games, for instance for blind players


Actually.. make it mandatory? I like the idea. It's probably much easier to recognize audio patterns than visual ones (at least it seems so for me). Alternating tones would probably make me go insane though so I'll just go for the constant on/off :)

Amos, I don't think it should be mandatory (especially since things like the manual aren't mandatory) but I'll try and reword the rules so it's more encouraged.

Having it be mandatory feels a bit odd, since then it'd automatically be an "audio-focused" jam. Audio isn't the norm - visual display is the "standard" mode of feedback. "bit jam" would no longer feel as descriptive as something like, say, "beep jam".

I'm glad it's an option, though!


Along with that if we are using a phone or controller for the game we could use the vibration motor for a sense of on off feedback to the player to.

If so, only in exact conjunction with the display, though, right? The rules specifically mention controller vibration as a disallowed extra channel of feedback

I'd certainly like to "bend the rules" with audio, if it could help make something you could enjoy without your eyeballs. Heck, I might be a renegade and do that anyway!

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this is already covered in the rules (in the asterisk section), but I might rewrite it so it's more clear and prominent!

edit: I've rewritten the rules concerning audio. please do let me know if you think it's still not enough.