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Thanks, Jupiter! I'm a fan of your let's play compilations so it's really nice to see you play my game. :-)

@TiniWolf I don't think there's any rule saying a famicase can only be used by only one entry. Besides, @girlmakesgames submission was made way before mine. Anyhow, both games are so different that it's rather impossible to mistake them. Even the title is a little bit different! ;-)


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It's a no-name USB gamepad and I'm playing on Windows. I can use this package to tell you the axes of my gamepad but I think I can try to set them myself in the game's configuration if you tell me what axes the game uses.

Couldn't get the gamepad to work. Tried to configure the axes in the settings but I don't know which axes does the game use for controls.

No, not at all. ;-)

Hi, there's a let's play video showing how to overcome this obstacle. :-)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game. :-) Yes, the plot is rather undeveloped but it's mainly because I didn't want to elaborate it in such a short game. This leaves a possibility to explore different themes in potentially expanded version.

Some day... who knows! ;D

Whoa, this is sick! But I'm glad you liked the game. :-) Cheers!

Thanks! :-)