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Thank you for a lovely font!

Well that was lovely!

The story was engaging and I really liked the streamlined interface.
It did get confusing sometimes how to get to a place again, and it took a bit before I realized I was Erika, but I am nitpicking.

Great stuff!

Happy anniversary, and thanks for being awesome!

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Are you sure it's 12 tokens? It says so at this page and the rules and BGG, but the screenshot shows more than 20.

What a great little gem! Absolutely love how this looks and plays. My only (tiny) gripe is that the HTML version won't take input on mobile

Thank you kindly for such a detailed reply!

This is looking very interesting!
How do you program games for the Spectrum? Just using BASIC or some modern crossdev tools?

Surprise Encounter


That is a fair concern! If you play the PUZZLE levels, rest assured that ALL of them are solvable with no-one left behind  :)

Very nice!

Thanks :) This was made before pico-8 had exe export. I might look into it!

What a lovely little game. I like how it combines shooter elements with something almost like a point and click adventure. Tough as nails, though! :D

Lovely little game! Ellen said hi :)


I'm just binging on your bitsy games and having a blast! I'm quite partial to whodunnit games in particular so I thought I'd leave a comment on this little gem :)

Lovely stuff, hope to see many more

Absolutely lovely!

Lovely game, enjoyed it very much.

Just the right lengths for a single sitting, yet not too short. Also hits the nostalgia mark, reminded me of J.E.S.U.S. and of course ICOM.

Some nice puzzles and no illogical problems to get stuck with.

Great work guys

Thanks! \o/

Good toy factor, much fun to interact with. Lovely presentation, only the mountains feel flat. Not sure if protagonist male or female (not that that's a bad thing in itself)

Nice variety of fun enemy units. Large ones are hard to tell apart as color patterns quite similar. Bikes often crash into things.

Initially I felt there should be a short range radar of some sort but quickly got used to it not being there.

Enemy units play similar in the sense that you can deal with them in a similar manner every time. Perhaps some support units that slow you down or call in backup or shield others (reflect bullets?), or having to stand in one spot (to recharge?) or defend a structure until its complete would provide tactical variety.

You can just zoom around carelessly and bump into everything as no static mines or things to avoid. With current threat level this makes game quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Enemies stopped coming at one point tho I guess that is very WIP. Loved the sport courts in that one base. Really enjoyed exploring the map to find the objectives. Would be great if destroying things in bases had gameplay impact (disabling a barrier elsewhere, dropping health/powerups, etc)