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Even the Ocean

A narrative action platformer about balancing the Light and Dark energies that hold the world together. · By Melos Han-Tani, Melos Han-Tani, Marina Kittaka

Ask the Devs

A topic by Marina Kittaka created May 11, 2016 Views: 1,306 Replies: 14
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Feel free to ask us questions about the game and/or its development here!


Hi, I'm Sean. I am working on this game!


Is a Linux version planned?


Not at the moment, due to limited resources, though it is not impossible. If a port is done, it will only be supported for Ubuntu/SteamOS, probably.


If it works on Ubuntu/SteamOS, users on other distros should be able to sort out any dependencies needed, so that's completely fair.

Count me in for a purchase if a Linux version is ever made.

Does it run on Wine?

I'm very late here, but a Windows emulator used by Steam called Proton runs it very well, according to other users. Community members have created a database of games that run on Proton, how well they run and what's needed:
Seems like Even the Ocean works perfect through this emulator.


This game looks so great. I am really happy about the mixed aesthetics.


Thanks so much! It's coming really soon!


This game is cool.

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Hey folks

i really want to try that one, but i'm on linux.

can you do something for me? (i own it from a bundle :))


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If you all are wanting some content created for the game (stream, YT video), I've read the 'book report edition' blurb and would be interested in doing a writeup in exchange for an key (or even a Steam key, either one is ok).

Please let me know if this interests you; I'd love to introduce the game to my gaming community.

EDIT:  The 'book report' key still requires an initial game purchase.  Oh well :(


Yes, that would qualify for the book report bonus key thing!


sounds cool! please reach out to us at .