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I hit on two oddities that I don’t know whether they’re intentional creepy stuff or unintentional glitches, so I’m writing them here:

  • at the train station, if you read the sign before talking to the people, their dialogue glitches until you leave the room.

  • if after the events where your cousin is attacked, after he wakes up and leaves the house, you go back to the train station, you find him at the station again just like when he first arrived. the plot and dialogue then repeats until the point where you’re asked to wear the party suit, but the suit-changing cutscene doesn’t trigger, and I couldn’t proceed the plot at this point.

I love the pixel art and the music in this, thank you for the game!

I put all points exclusively on strenght, gave my pidgeon only protein, and picked out only the enemies with the weakest defense. She one-shotted everything and eventually grew muscle arms. Then another muscle arms pidgeon came who had half as much strenght but a couple points in defense and speed, and killer her

if you ever wanted to waste to laudanum while denying your past with a copy of Proust on your bedside table, have an argument with your male gay lover in early 20th century Rome, or melancholichaly strum the Gymnopédies on your harp then wonder when did your harp get covered by a cloth and where is the maid and no, shh, don’t disturb the shadows, all in tasteful point-and-click pixel art, have I got the game to suggest you

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I liked this simulation because it reminded me that I must imagine Sysiphus happy. I am reacting to content

edit: the content crashed while I wrote my reaction. I guess I have to reload the web page and do it all over again

Wine still can’t run it on Linux :/

This was a cool picross game! I love the characters and I was delighted to discover the secret one behind the truck.

My friendly suggestions for improvements if ever wanted would be:

  • An ending sequence with all characters in the spaceship or a planet would be fantastic!
  • The powerups get a bit repetitive; all of them are either extra hearts, or revealing tiles. I think many quality-of-life features of modern picross games could be made into powerups for more diversity. For example, marking each individual number as completed as you work on a line, a brush with temporary markers for planning, or an invincible mode that doesn’t punish you for mistakes (at the cost of not informing you whether the marked tile is correct or not either, until you solve the entire puzzle).

This game taught a silly gay bimbo like me how to picross in a fun and cute way. Two weeks later and I’m still staying up late finishing every level of Mario no Sūpā Pikurosu. Beware!

Tem como comprar o jogo final pra Linux nalguma plataforma que não seja o Steam? Itch seria ótimo mas aceito literalmente qualquer coisa exceto Steam

Is the Linux build available on Itch?

My partner wanted to play a game with frogs. When I wasn’t even looking this one popped up and we could play this game and it had frogs in it, both full-time and part-time frog fulfillment fantasy. A+ would frog again

This is a cool game, thank you for making it!

I’m not a bullet hell player. The normal mode is too hard for me, but the easy mode was interesting and challenging. However, by the time I got to the rematch mode, I had unlocked enough RPG skills to one-shot all bosses before they were able to even move. While I appreciate a breezy challenge, I feel like if I can unlock the “perfect match” without even dodging anything a single turn, it became too easy. It made the endgame an exercise in collecting the remaining uprades without any challenge.

Also, during the final battle, I can’t seem to transform in Linux? A legend says, “hold Ctrl to transform”, but holding Control does nothing. This makes the Queen’s attacks impossible to dodge.

Dear Hthr, I have come here from the times of the future! And I too have the problem above with the Linux version!

Keyboard is responsive to enter the ESC menu, but nothing I do moves the wizard! Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help debug this ok! You rock!!

I love love love the art in this, the palette, the dithers the animations everything!!

p.s. protagonist: please move the kitchen houseplant to the window sill, she’s too far away, it’s too dark, plants need sun

Very enjoyable rhythm game! I recommend it.

My suggestion for improvement would be different shapes for the enemy types, with clearly distinct sillhouettes, rather than relying on headband colours only.


asking the real questions


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She loved it! This was the label btw, based on

got a gbc flashcart, put this on it, going to print a label and gift it to my ex who’s a plantgirl, we’re going to buy plants together tomorrow<3

I want to make a zine abt queer love really hoping for a linux version <3

thank you 🙇‍♀️

Thank you so much for this, I know someone who will benefit a lot from it it’s a great gift ^^

Update: everything working great

One more thing: You can't change the audio sink of the game on pulseaudio, which is bad for the streaming I wanted to do.  This turns out to be unrelated to the problems above; it's due to the game have a locked setting on OpenAL, and it can be changed by adding the following to ~/.alsoftrc :


Installing on Linux in 2021 (Debian buster):

The provided package depends on external libraries, which makes things hard especially because they’re i386 (32-bit) not amd64 (64-bit) libraries.

I needed to do this:

    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

    sudo apt update

    sudo apt install zlib1g:i386 libxxf86vm1:i386 libgl1:i386 libopenal1:i386 libssl-dev:i386 libxrandr2:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386

Then there’s one library that runs a very old version (libssl 1.0.0) and we need to get it manually:


    sudo dpkg -i libssl1.0.0_1.0.1t-1+deb8u12_i386.deb

This works but without sound, what’s missing is Pulseaudio support for i386:

    sudo apt install libpulse0:i386

Note: for some reason the above install removed a lot of my standard (amd64) Pulseaudio and Gnome stuff. I just reinstalled everything it removed, and it kept both the i386 library and the normal one, with both audios working.

At this point the game at last seems to work, but with all these old dependencies I don’t know if it will last.  Will report here later, but it might be safer to just make a chroot or virtual machine from 2017 to run the game in.

Does it run on Wine?

broke my immersion that I can't escape that space ^^;

it's git with an i :)


I could not run this on Wine 4. Any hopes of an eventual Linux release?


The info page lists many languages including German, but when I open the game (in Linux) the language selection only show a few options, German not included.

Running on linux log (wine-4.0):

On trying to run, the game asked for something called an "RPGVXAce RTP".  This could be downloaded from the RPG Maker website and installed on Wine without further issue. The game then ran ok, as far as I can tell, with graphics, sound and controls all seemingly working.  The only issue is that the window is really tiny in hDPI, and I couldn't find a way to fullscreen; workaround was to lower the screen resolution to a very low setting (using xrandr) so that the text was legible.

I am a transgender woman who did dialect research in Japan. I had to mingle with locals in small villages. Many times they asked me to go together to local hot springs, and I had to refuse with bad excuses.

It was powerful, moving and a bit uncanny playing a game about that experience. I am deeply grateful & recommend your work to everybody I know. I love how sensitive and cute it is. Thank you.

update for anybody reading this: it worked in the latest Wine 4! if it doesn't work for you try recent versions!

i'll be your patroness forever you magnificent slime creature

did not run on Wine unfortunately. i will play i when i find a friend with a windows computer, which should be easy as soon as i find friends