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Thank you for sharing this, sending sweetness and safety to you. You deserve to feel happy and whole, and to be free to explore. Appreciate your kind words!

Thanks!! :) I turned this in as a art project in college lol

Thank you for reading and commenting! I'm so glad to know that this is continuing to be meaningful to people

Yes, that would qualify for the book report bonus key thing!

Nice game! I liked the constellation room

This is a really sweet comment, thank you! There's something oddly satisfying about making a game that someone enjoys than loses track of then finds again.

This was a good game, thanks for making it

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Thanks! Sorry there were performance issues!! Maybe I can add a toggle for the mode during the painting section

EDIT: I added a key (W) to "reset" the canvas, hopefully that helps!

In Bratavism you play as a solitary dolphin creature who creates an abstract painting by throwing a tantrum. Bratavism is a short (~5min), free browser game that features a gorgeous and strange world, voice acting, and intense emotions. If you're signed in to, you can even share your painting in the forum at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!


Feel free to upload your paintings here!

a lament about art

a fish jumping out of the water:

Hi there! Thanks for looking at Even Scene! If you make fun images and upload them to social media, etc, please share links here! Please keep content appropriate for all-ages in this particular forum. Feel free to make other threads as well!

Thanks so much! It's coming really soon!

Even the Ocean community · Created a new topic Ask the Devs

Feel free to ask us questions about the game and/or its development here!