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I finally got around to playing Summer in Mara after getting it in the Bundle for Ukraine. I gave it a 4.5/5 star review and feel it's an incredibly important game that is also pretty fun to play - if played right! Full review here:

I had some frustrations, which I shared in a live review that could have been a bug (quest objectives were not showing location on the map), but surprisingly finished the quest and continued on with the game:

I'm very late here, but a Windows emulator used by Steam called Proton runs it very well, according to other users. Community members have created a database of games that run on Proton, how well they run and what's needed:
Seems like Even the Ocean works perfect through this emulator.

Cred to the composers. These tracks are bangers!!!!!

I'm looking forward to figuring out how to get this on my mobile. Great job!

This is super sweet and great, Adamgryu!
I'm wondering how to get a good closer look at pumpkins when they're lower than the point of view. Is there a way to crouch or zoom

I saw this is on sale and have already bought and played it all on Steam. It's a great game! I liked Big Robot's work before this and really recommend picking it up. It's kind of like a control point FPS with element of a walking simulator (Far Cry meets Lifeless Planet).

This was a game I played from the Bundle for Racial Justice that I did a random roll for and streamed. I really, really enjoyed it and finished it wanting more! You've developed a great base for a game and I really want to get some friends together to play. I'm glad to hear there's more work happening and wish you all the best!

Solidarity fellow workers!

I played through the first world and it is great! really good job making an old school brawler with some pretty decent new school mechanics. I'm finding it difficult, but I'm sure I'll figure out strategy a bit better when fighting cops.

Congrats on the release and solidarity fellow workers!